Which is better, curtain rod or curtain box? What are the common problems of curtain box?

Curtains are essential in each of our families. It makes such a great contribution to our lives and is an indispensable part of our lives. In general, the installation methods of curtains can be divided into two types: curtain rods and curtain boxes. Therefore, when people install curtains, they are often entangled in whether to install curtain rods or curtain boxes. Which is better? What are the common problems of curtain boxes?


 In home decoration, many consumers don’t quite understand when choosing custom-made curtain boxes and curtain rods. In fact, these two products are good, so which one is better, the curtain box or the curtain rod?

 1. The curtain box is a kind of curtain hanging method, and it is generally used as a whole with the ceiling or the window frame cover Present, improve the decoration effect with harmonious planning. According to different processing methods, there are two ways of curtain box: if the room has a suspended ceiling, the installation of curtains is hidden in the ceiling and completed together with the top ceiling; if there is no ceiling in the room, the curtain box and window frame are installed The set is designed as a whole and fixed on the wall above the window.

 2. The curtain rod is another way to connect the curtain and the wall. The material of the window railing is metal and wood. The curtains have a harmonious personality and can show different beauty. Curtain rods are divided into bright rods and dark rods. After installation, you can see the color of the rod body and the decorative head is the bright rod; the other is to combine the curtain rod with the curtain box, and hide the curtain rod in the In the box, the curtain rod itself is not exposed.

 , Customized curtain box The standard of custom curtain box is about 100mm in height, and the width depends on the number of curtain poles used. Design requirements, the shortest exceeds the window width by 300mm, the two sides of the window exceed 150mm, and the length can be as long as the wall. The large core boards used to manufacture curtain boxes are butted with swallowtail plum glue. If the veneer is painted with clear oil, it should be pasted with a veneer of the same material as the window frame cover. The pasting surface is the outer side and bottom surface of the curtain box. The through-type curtain box can be directly fixed on the walls and the top surface on both sides. The non-through-type curtain box should use metal brackets, and can also be directly fixed on the wall and the top surface. When fixing, punch a hole at the fixing point, place a plastic expansion pin, and fix it with screws. The thread should be sprung before installation. After the curtain box is installed, the finishing construction of the facing is also carried out, and the installed curtain box should be maintained to prevent pollution and damage.

 4. Curtain rod Check the matching of the Roman rod and its support, decoration head and hanging ring, measure the length of the Roman rod and the width of the window. Use the first support of the device as a standard marking line to draw the support positioning line and hole orientation line. Of the three supports, the base support is located at the base of the window or wall, equidistant at both ends. The drilling depth is 4-4.5cm. When drilling, do not run away or tilt. Note: keep away from wires and water pipes. When the hole is finished, knock the plastic expansion tube into the hole. The support is fastened with self-tapping screws; the rings are inserted into the rod, and the rings are divided into two parts, leaving 1-2 rings at each end; press the Roman rod into the open support and adjust so that the decorative heads at both ends are separated from the wall. common interval. Put the curtain on the hook, put the other end of the hook into the hole of the suspension ring; open and close the curtain left and right, check whether the sliding is flexible, and whether the two curtains are of the same height. Otherwise, fine-tune.

 What are the common problems of the curtain box?

 (1) The curtain box is loose: the main reason is that the rod eye is loose or wide during production. The connection with the substrate is not firm. If the rod eye is not tightly connected, the curtain box should be removed, and the rod eye should be repaired and reinstalled. If the connection with the substrate is not firm, the screw should be tightened further, or the fixed point should be increased.

 (2) The curtain box is not correct: the main reason is that it is installed without elastic wires during installation, which makes the height difference between the two ends The installation difference with the lateral position exceeds the allowable deviation. The curtain box should be disassembled, and reinstalled after springing the thread as required. The surface decoration of the wooden curtain box can be painted, pasted, etc., and the quality defects of the surface decoration will be reflected in the construction of the wall.

 In series with our life, it is an essential home decoration tool, it plays an irreplaceable role in our life, when many people install curtains, they often because It is tangled whether to use a curtain rod or a curtain box. Through this article, which one is better for the curtain rod or the curtain box? What are the common problems of the curtain box? The introduction of these problems hopes to bring some help to everyone.

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