Which curtain is better? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

Good curtains can help people increase the aesthetics of halls and bedrooms. As a classic soft decoration, it has rich colors and fabrics and is more beautiful. At the same time, when the curtains are pulled, the indoor and outdoor can be separated , can protect people’s privacy very well, and is a must-have product for home use. At the same time, there are quite a few types of curtains on the market for people to choose from. So, which curtain is better? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

Which curtain is better?

1. Velvet curtains are frequently used in daily life, especially for some high-end decorated families. Velvet curtains are more textured, and they feel soft and drape Strong sense, chemical reaction between material and fiber, strong color fastness, but strong dust absorption, thick and difficult to clean.

2. For some users who love nature, cotton and linen curtains are very suitable for this kind of material, and it also fits the overall home decoration pattern. Elastic, easy to wrinkle, shrink and lose shape after washing, easy to fade.

3. Plastic-aluminum venetian blinds are very good at shading and easy to clean. There are more colors on the market, but the aesthetics is not as good as traditional fabric curtains.

4. Polyester curtains The curtains made of this material can be waterproof and oil-proof, and also very light-resistant. It is very good for cooking areas and bathrooms, but its moisture absorption and air permeability are poor , and the dyeing performance is not good.

What are the tips for choosing curtains?

1. Choose bright colors for the curtains in the living room and study room. Choose warm-toned curtains, which are easy to create a warm atmosphere and help people rest and sleep.

2. After selecting the material and color of the curtains, what the owners need to do is to check the quality of the curtains. This requires the owners to check the characteristics of various fabrics before purchasing. See if the curtain fabric you choose matches the characteristics of the fabric you have seen before, and if so, you can buy it.

3. The size of the curtain is not simply as long as it can cover the window. If the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, there will be no good decorative effect. Generally speaking, the length of the curtain If it is larger than the width, it will look more effective. If the window area is large, the owner can hang several slender curtains on the large window, which will look better than hanging a large and wide curtain.

Which curtain is better? What are the tips for choosing curtains? Velvet curtains, plastic aluminum venetian blinds, polyester curtains, and pure cotton curtains are relatively common curtains. Different materials have different physical properties. Consumers can choose and install according to their own needs. When purchasing curtains, you need to buy curtains of the right size. Curtains that are too large or too small are not very convenient to use.

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