What material to choose for bedroom curtains? How to choose bedroom curtains?

If people want to have a good sleep in the bedroom, then the curtains are more important, and the curtains are more conspicuous, so it can reflect personal taste. Therefore, we must pay attention to the choice of bedroom curtains. There are many curtain materials on the market now, which has caused troubles for many people in the purchase. Then the following will introduce you what material to choose for bedroom curtains? How to choose a bedroom Curtains?

 What material do you choose for bedroom curtains?

 1. In terms of materials, curtains include cotton, linen, yarn, satin, flocking, bamboo, man-made fibers and so on. Among them, cotton and linen are commonly used materials for curtains, which are easy to wash and replace, and are suitable for bedrooms; gauze curtains are highly decorative, can enhance the depth of the room, and have good light transmission, and are suitable for use in living rooms and balconies; Velvet curtains are delicate in texture, luxurious and gorgeous, and have good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is relatively high; bamboo curtains have clear textures, good lighting effects, and are wear-resistant, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and do not fade. They are suitable for living rooms and balconies;

 2. Man-made fiber curtains are hard, easy to wash and durable, and good shading; blinds are currently more popular. When choosing, you can first touch whether the blades are smooth and have burrs, and then hang the curtains flat , to see if the opening is flexible, and then turn the adjustment lever to check whether the blades can be turned freely; in addition, some wooden curtains use adhesives, which are likely to cause indoor pollution, and those with children, the elderly or pregnant women at home should choose carefully.

 3. The materials of the curtains are various, but it depends on whether you choose to be in the living room or the bedroom. Well, the bedroom is different, you can choose thicker ones, which can help you sleep.

 How to choose bedroom curtains?

 1. Style

 The choice of bedroom curtains should also be considered To the color of the curtains, shading and ventilation. It is best to change the color according to the seasons. White and green are in the middle tone in interior design. If it is spring and summer, the whole room should be cooler and cool colors should be used. Personally, I think the curtains that are mainly light blue will be better, and the whole room will give people a very refreshing feeling. Some warm-colored ornaments can be placed locally, such as pale yellow pillows and red vases. If it is in autumn and winter, warm colors should be used as much as possible. I personally think that the curtains mainly light pink are more suitable.

 2. Color

 Pink is the color that makes people fall asleep easily. In this way, if the room is warmer, some cooler accessories are needed. You can change the sheets and pillows to gray, or add some transparent glass accessories around to make the overall color match more harmonious. In a word, the bedroom is a place to rest, try not to use too pure colors, or too strong contrast, mainly light, so as to ensure sleep.

 After the above introduction, we know what material to choose for bedroom curtains? How to choose bedroom curtains? Which material to choose for curtains is mainly based on personal choice. There are also many things to pay attention to when buying curtains. First of all, you must learn to identify them and go to regular stores to buy them, so that you can buy good quality curtains. At the same time, curtains not only have the effect of matching, but also can block the sun.

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