What kind of curtains look good? Knowing the matching skills of curtains is really very practical!

Due to different materials and colors, different curtains have different effects during decoration. At present, there are a wide variety of curtain styles in the curtain market, and each style is different. Choosing a good curtain can naturally bring a pleasing effect to home decoration. Next, the editor will tell my friends what kind of curtains look good and the matching skills of curtains.

One: What kind of curtains look good

1. Korean style fresh

This curtain gives us a very fresh and elegant feeling. The fabric material and style of the floral curtain Streamlined and stylish, the blooming buds are very charming, adding a beautiful color to the warm family.

2. Pastoral style

This pastoral style gives people a return to nature. The style is charming and bright, with floral patterns. In nature, enjoy the endless call. The soft gauze curtain makes the dandelion more elegant and beautiful. Both the hand feel and the drape are excellent. The graceful rhythm interprets our rationality and perception of life, making the dandelion more elegant and beautiful. While we are at home with art, we do not lose our romantic feelings.

3. American country

This American country style curtain has a very exotic country atmosphere, elegant fabric matching design, retains the color and texture of the country style, and also pays attention to adaptation Modern living space, strong and comfortable, natural and practical, exquisite craftsmanship, fresh flower patterns, no doubt.

Two: What are the curtain accessories?

1. Curtain accessories – curtain track

Curtain accessories The curtain track, the curtain track is a kind of curtain accessories used to hang the curtains so that the curtains can be opened and closed, and at the same time can increase the beauty of the curtains. There are many varieties, and the most common form is the art rod. In recent years, a kind of curtain track for serpentine curtains has emerged. The curtain track for curtain accessories is mainly popular in Europe, Taiwan, and Japan.

2. Curtain accessories-curtain rod

Curtain accessories curtain rod is a kind of material mainly made of metal and wood, which is used to install curtains, and at the same time can reduce noise and direct light Yes, the material is different, the curtain accessories curtain rod style has different iron rod head art curtain rod, with silk or gauze decorative cloth, used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between rigidity and softness, but the wooden carved rod head It is to give people a sense of warmth and fullness. Curtain accessories curtain rods are also divided into bright rods and dark rods.

3. Curtain accessories-curtain hook

There are many curtain accessories, curtain hooks, among which the style is unique, the workmanship is exquisite, the style is novel, and there are many colors. Curtain accessories and curtain hooks are very suitable for matching Curtain rods of various sizes are used. Among them, the hooks are mainly cloth hooks and resin hooks. The styles and materials of the two are different. The cloth hooks are mainly made of metal. The curtain accessories and curtain hooks are more practical. Strong, resin hooks are mainly made of resin, very beautiful and atmospheric.

4. Curtain Accessories – Curtain Buckle

Curtain Accessories Curtain Buckle is a small button-like object used to fix curtains. It is used to fix curtains when they are opened. Cloth with ribbon for use. There are various styles of curtain accessories, including butterfly buckle and magnetic curtain buckle. At present, this is no longer a simple tool, but a decorative object. The curtain buckle is also composed of silk belt and resin decorative surface. , magnetic protective paper, fastening screws, nickel-plated magnetic reinforcement magnets.

Three: Curtain matching skills

1. For the color matching of curtains, there should be no more than three curtain colors, which will give people a very messy feeling, which is not conducive to mood precipitation, and it is easy to make people feel irritable. Because color can affect people’s mood, we should pay attention to color when matching curtains.

2. The size of the curtains should also be considered when matching the curtains. You can match them according to the size of the curtains, or according to your personal preferences, hobbies, and family preferences for colors. Generally speaking Curtain collocation can be determined according to individual circumstances.

3. The matching of curtains can also be selected according to the indoor light. For better indoor light, you can choose thicker curtains, and for darker indoor light, you can choose thinner screen windows. In addition, the installation methods of curtains in different spaces are also different. The living room is more suitable for the grand installation method, and the bedroom can choose a more delicate installation method.

Four: Daily cleaning of curtains

One of the most important decorations in the home is the curtains. As long as there are windows in the home, there will be curtains. Its main function is to protect the privacy of the family and block the sun. After a long time, the curtains will be dirty. The method is also different, so how to clean it better?

From the material point of view, most of the general fabrics, such as velvet, silk, cotton, Roman shades, etc.; It is relatively strong. After changing it, shake it on the open space first, let the dust attached to the surface fall off naturally, then put it into the water poured into the laundry detergent, soak it for 15, and then wash it by hand; machine washing is not recommended here, it may be It will deform the curtain.

It is recommended to disassemble the velvet curtains, soak them in water containing neutral laundry detergent for about 15 minutes, scrub gently, hang them up after washing, and let them dry slowly;

Silk curtains should not be washed in the washing machine, and it is not recommended to wash them with other items. After removing them, soak them in cold water for 5-10 minutes, and then rub them gently with a neutral detergent. ;After washing, remember not to dry it in a place with sunlight. The ultraviolet rays in the sun may make silk items yellow, fade, and possibly age. It is best to place them in a ventilated and cool place;

Cotton and linen curtains are easier to clean than fabric curtains. They can be washed by hand or by machine. There are not many points to pay attention to. It is recommended to add some softener when washing, which will make the curtains look smoother after washing slip.

Before cleaning the Roman blinds, you should read the signs on the curtains. Some may need to be dry-cleaned, so you can send them directly to the dry cleaner. Shake it, you can use a vacuum cleaner, then soak it in a neutral detergent for about 5-10 minutes, and then gently scrub it with your hands; remember, dry it naturally, and do not put it in direct sunlight after washing to prevent hair loss. yellow or faded.

Finally, for the health of the family, the cleaning cycle of the curtains is every two to three months, or every six months.

What kind of curtains look good and the matching skills of curtains, the editor will introduce here for all friends, I hope it will be helpful to friends. I believe that everyone can decorate the curtains with good results based on the knowledge in this article.

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