What kind of curtains do Chinese style match? Chinese style decoration skills?

  There are many differences between Chinese-style home decoration and other styles of decoration. If your home is decorated in Chinese style, you are in the right place. Today’s editor I will introduce you some decoration skills about Chinese style. Whether you have already decorated or are about to decorate, you can listen to the questions introduced by the editor about what curtains match Chinese style and Chinese style decoration skills. I hope you like it.

1. What curtains match Chinese style

  1. The use of double-layer fabrics can better adjust the light to adapt to changes in temperature and seasons. For curtains with double-layer fabrics, the outer layer of fabric is generally thicker, and the inner layer is also thinner. The fabric is used as a base layer and has strong shading properties; in order to highlight the elegant feeling of the curtains, a layer of gauze curtains is added. The gauze curtains are softer and the light is sufficient. You can use this layer of gauze curtains alone.

  2. The choice of color for the new Chinese-style curtains should be as versatile as possible. For example, in the living room space in the above picture, the color matching of the curtains in the living room is consistent with the color of the TV background wall, and the edge color of the curtains and curtains is consistent with that of the TV background wall. The colors of the TV cabinets are consistent. There are not many colors in the overall space and they echo each other, so they look very coordinated.

  3. Be sure to pay attention to the choice of fabrics and colors, because Chinese curtains generally choose thick cotton Or hemp or nylon material, or use the opposite lighter silk or tulle material, the color is mainly bright red or stable tone.

  4. As a traditional Chinese-style tassel curtains, hand-painted flower plates, etc. are particularly important for adding Chinese style. The lace not only needs to be in harmony with the fabric of the curtain, but also needs to match the curtain head to lock the style of the entire curtain.

  5. The general Chinese-style home decoration is mostly antique, that is, it is old-fashioned, and most of them use antique-style furniture. In the new Chinese-style home decoration, the basic Chinese style is guaranteed. You can choose some creative soft decorations in moderation Wait, the use of color can also be bolder.

  6. The expensive fabric can make the room feel luxurious, but we don’t need to spend a lot of money to pursue gorgeousness, as long as we pay attention to the furnishings in the room.

Second, Chinese style decoration skills

  1. Use light materials to add some lyricism. Light materials can bring space More soothing emotions. In many movie scenes, light materials are often used to highlight the visual effect and bring a more romantic feeling. The veil fluttering in the wind is often easier to bring light and dynamic to the space. Break the overly stable and heavy effect of Chinese space.

  2. Symmetrical and asymmetrical dialogue. Even traditional Chinese colors and furniture, after recombination and deployment, present a different artistic conception. The traditional Chinese style pays attention to symmetry, but the new Chinese style breaks this point in the layout. The high and low relationship between furniture and back bags can break the dullness of too many traditional elements.

  3. Symmetrical and asymmetrical dialogue. This completely different material does not conflict at the moment, but lives in harmony. The use of different materials will create a contrasting effect in the space. For example, white gauze can relieve the heaviness of dark furniture, while furniture can give connotation to the light white gauze.

  4. Use modern geometric combinations. The red curtains are dignified, stable and have a symmetrical beauty, but several glass chandeliers of different sizes break this calm layout–the combination of modern geometry, with a jumping visual effect, echoes with Chinese elements, making people feel hapiness.

  5. The same element is matched with old and new. The Chinese-style doors and window lattices are painted with white and distressed gray to form a contrasting effect between old and new, which dilutes the heavy feeling of traditional Chinese furniture and achieves a new post-modern Chinese taste.

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