What kind of curtains are good for the living room? What color is the best curtain for the living room?

In house decoration, each space has its own characteristics. The bedroom should be comfortable, and the kitchen should be well-prevented from oily fumes, all of which are determined according to the different characteristics of each space, while the decorative requirements of the living room are more important. Higher, no matter the living room is big or small, the curtains are a more ornamental landscape. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing curtains for the living room, and they must be linked to the decoration effect from style to color. Of course, the choice of curtain fabric is also critical. From the perspective of market sales, there are many styles of curtain brands that are difficult to choose, and the color matching that accounts for a large proportion of soft decoration cannot be ignored. So, what curtains are good for the living room? What color are the curtains for the living room?

What kind of curtains are used for the living room Are the curtains good?

1. The function of the living room requires curtain fabrics.

What directly determines the choice of curtain fabrics in the living room is the taste and preferences of the owner. The so-called scholarly family, wealthy family… have different requirements for the function of the living room. But most people will consider fabrics with strong color fastness, low shrinkage, and high density as a good choice. Although the cost is relatively large, the decorative effect of the fabric is very high-grade at once.

2. The orientation of the living room requires curtain fabrics.

In the living room with the window facing south, the light is better, and it is more appropriate to use tulle, thin cotton or silk curtain fabrics. Rooms with windows facing north are relatively dark and cold, so you should choose thick curtain fabrics to increase the temperature. If it is for a living room with sufficient heating equipment, it is necessary to choose curtain fabrics with good heat resistance, because it will not block the heat dissipation of the heating. If there is a living room with windows facing east or west, you need to choose thicker curtain fabrics to shade.

3. The size of the living room requires curtain fabrics.

If the living room at home is very large, you should choose luxurious and heavy curtain fabrics, such as polyester fabrics, which have a good drape; satin and flocking curtain fabrics are fine in texture and look luxurious and rich. And it has good shading and sound insulation effects, but the price is higher than the school. If the living room is small, gauze curtain fabrics can enhance the depth of the interior space and have good light transmission, which is more appropriate.

4. The living room’s home style requires curtain fabrics.

The choice of curtain fabric should match the texture of the overall decoration of the living room. If the living room is decorated luxuriously, you should use some better-quality curtain fabrics; if the decoration is average, the requirements for curtain fabrics can be appropriately lowered.

5. The demand for light in the living room requires the curtain fabric.

If the light in the living room is very sufficient, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk curtain fabrics; or choose thicker wool blended or brocade fabrics as curtains to resist strong light. If the light is insufficient, it is generally advisable to choose cotton plain printing or linen fabric.

What color is the living room curtain?

1. Many owners will choose beige floor tiles. If your floor is beige, curtains can be the main Choose brown-yellow striped curtains in warm colors to create a simple but not monotonous atmosphere. Through the embellishment of murals and sofa pillows, the space of the entire living room is enriched.

2. The color of the curtains in the living room should be close to the ground. If the ground is purple, the curtains can choose pink or pink and other colors similar to the ground. Chestnut red, and then choose chestnut red curtains, the room will appear narrow.

3. In the living room of modern black and white style, choose black floor, match with white sofa, and white picture frame plays the finishing touch. The color combination of the living room is in the cool color system. If you choose the curtains in the cool color system, the whole living room will be in a stiff state. If you choose the brown-yellow curtains, the layering of the living room will be displayed immediately!

4. The floor is Light colors, the TV background wall is sky blue, the main wall is white, the sofa is blue beige, and other furniture is white. The blue curtains in the same color system are chosen to match. The whole living room is not only modern, but also has an exotic style. Typical romantic Mediterranean style.

5. Of course, the color of the living room curtains should be selected according to their furniture. The colors in Southeast Asia are rich but most of them are dark brown; However, most people will choose a beige color that is not much different from the floor; while most of the Chinese-style curtain colors are also mainly dark colors.

6. If neither the ground color nor the furniture color can be used as a reference, you can also choose its color according to the color of the light. The warm color light system of orange can be matched with cool color systems such as beige and fruit green , Milky white neutral light lighting effect, you can choose beige, light coffee, light red and other warm colors.

The above is a specific introduction to “What kind of curtains are good for the living room? What color is the best curtain for the living room?”. Everyone knows that the living room is not only a place to receive guests, but also a place where family members gather together, so it is also a place where privacy must be fully guaranteed. Naturally, appropriate curtains are needed to block external light and noise, and provide people with a better living environment. Therefore, the choice of curtains in the living room is very important.

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