What kind of curtains are good for bay windows, what kind of curtains are good for bay windows

Floating window curtains are the same as ordinary curtains, which have the function of shading light and beautifying the living room. However, due to the different shapes, bay windows are more prominent than ordinary windows, so the selection of curtains is also special. . What kind of curtains to use for bay windows has become a problem that many families with bay windows need to consider. So what kind of curtains are good-looking for bay windows?

Several classifications of bay window curtains

Generally speaking, fabric curtains are the mainstream of bay window curtains. Let’s take a look at the classification of bay window curtains.

1. According to different crafts, it can be divided into: printed cloth, dyed cloth, yarn-dyed cloth, jacquard cloth, etc. These fabrics have their own characteristics.

Calico: Printing colors and patterns on the plain gray cloth by means of transfer or netting is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics are: bright colors, rich and delicate patterns.

Dyeing cloth: The color dyed with a single color on the white gray cloth is called dyed cloth, and its characteristics are: elegant and natural.

Year-dyed fabric: According to the needs of the pattern, the gauze is first classified and dyed, and then the color pattern is formed by interweaving to form a yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, clear yarn-dyed texture, and strong three-dimensional effect.

Jacquard printed cloth: The combination of jacquard and printing is called jacquard colored cloth.

2. According to the texture of the fabric, there are pure cotton, linen, polyester, silk, etc., and it can also be made of mixed raw materials, and the characteristics are also different. Cotton fabrics are soft and feel good; hemp fabrics have a good drape and a strong sense of texture; silk fabrics are noble and gorgeous, and they are made of 100% natural silk. Its natural, rough, elegant, and strong layering characteristics became a fashionable product in 2003; the polyester fabric is scratchy, bright in color, and does not fade or shrink.

3. According to the distinction between thickness and thickness, there are two situations. One is light, thin, transparent or translucent fabrics, such as cotton, polyester-cotton blends, glass yarn, fine mesh, lace, and voile, etc.; the other is medium-thick opaque fabrics, such as fancy weaves Cotton, nylon and their blends, scrims; slippery fabrics such as polished calico burnished cotton, antiqued satin, silk and moiré.

The commonly used forms of curtains for bay windows

1. Pull and fold the curtain. Use a four-pronged iron wire to hang and sew on the edge of the back seal of the curtain to form a 2-4 fold form. It can be single or double, and it is a common style in the living room.

2. Water curtain. When pulled up, it forms a water wave shape, like a large curtain rising vertically in a theater, with a classical and romantic atmosphere. Generally, lighter and thinner fabrics should be used, and the effect is ideal.

3. Roman blinds. Pulling up section by section in the horizontal direction is simple and natural, and has excellent concealment and visual effects.

4. The buckle type is also called the Ming type guide rail curtain. The curtain head ring is pulled on the curtain rod, and the curtain body is similar to the pull-down curtain, but the decorative effect of the curtain rod, curtain head and curtain rod ring is better. Suitable for decorative space.

5. Roller shutter. The curtain body is straight, and the curtain is retracted by a rotatable curtain rod.

In addition, in terms of installation and design of bay window curtains, you can also directly make cloth curtains and matching gauze curtains inside the bay window, which saves fabrics and makes the bedroom look big and not cumbersome.

What kind of curtains are good-looking for bay windows? We have introduced and understood bay window curtains from several aspects above, and there are many matching methods for you to choose from. The situation of each family is different, so what kind of curtains to use for bay windows should be analyzed and selected according to different actual situations, and finally determined based on the preferences of the owner.

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