What kind of curtain rod is good? How to choose curtain rod?

Curtain rods can help us support the curtains. Curtain rods are available in almost every household. There are many types of curtain rods, so learn more about the purchase knowledge of curtain rods. We are of some help. So what kind of curtain rod is good? How to choose curtain rod? Do you want to understand these two issues clearly? Then follow the editor and continue to look down.

 What kind of curtain rod is good?

 1. For indoor curtains, if you can use Roman poles, use Roman poles as much as possible. obsolete.

 2. As the curtain fabric tends to be thicker and more textured, it is best to choose Roman rods for curtains above 50 yuan/m. A good quality curtain material. If it is a curtain of about 30-50 yuan, it can be a track or a Roman pole.

 3. The window screen is light. In order to reflect the wrinkle effect, for example, some balconies have only one layer of window screen, so the curtain track is a good choice, and the effect of curtain rods for good window screens is better. When buying Roman poles, just choose double poles.

 4. The choice of Roman poles and rails still depends on the placement position. If the window is close to the roof, Roman poles cannot be installed. There is a certain distance between the Roman poles and the top surface. The top of the window will affect the use of the window and can only be replaced with a track.

 How to choose a curtain rod?

 1. The wall thickness of the curtain rod. In order to cut corners, the general manufacturers often play tricks on the materials used. The thinner the wall thickness, the smaller the load-bearing capacity of the pole, and the more accidents will occur during use in the future. Remove the decorative head (commonly known as the flower head), and see the essence through the phenomenon. Generally speaking, the thicker the better.

 2. The material of the curtain rod. To choose a strong material, durable products. Generally speaking, plastic products are prone to aging, discoloration, breakage, etc., but there are many styles and colors to choose from; wooden products are easy to moth and crack, and heavy curtain fabrics are easy to bend and feel heavy when pulled for a long time. , but the decorative effect is relatively high-end; aluminum alloy products have a single color, and the aluminum alloy foreskin is easy to peel off after a long time, and the load-bearing performance is poor and it is not resistant to friction. It is an economical and practical type; Made of electroplated products, the surface treatment is brilliant, and it is load-bearing and has good wear resistance.

 3. The selection of curtain rod bracket is important. Pay more attention to the bracket you choose for the pole. Generally speaking, the contact surface between the bracket and the wall should be large, and it can be hung stably. Also critical. In many cases, the installation workers try to be quick and save trouble, and irresponsibly put on the wall hastily, leaving many hidden dangers.

 4. Choose the appropriate curtain rod according to the shape of the window. The shape of the window is roughly divided into three types: straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped. For straight windows, if curtains are installed on the entire wall, you can choose Roman rods or pulley guide rails; if only part of the window is hung with curtains, it is more fashionable to choose Roman rods. L-shaped windows: You can choose a long Roman rod and a short Roman rod (not linked to each other), or you can choose an integrated guide rail that can be bent. For U-shaped windows, it is generally more beautiful to choose pulley guide rails that can be bent, especially for bay windows. If the top of the window is far from the ceiling, the guide rails are suitable.

 After seeing this, do you already know what kind of curtain rods are good? How to choose and buy curtain rods has been clearly introduced above. When purchasing, you must follow the editor’s method. At the same time, you can choose from the brands introduced by the editor above when purchasing. Both the quality and after-sales service are good.

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