What is the fashion trend of curtains? How to choose curtains?

What is the fashion trend of curtains? How to choose curtains? After the house is decorated, it is time to start shopping for furniture, such as sofas, TVs, coffee tables, beds, dressing tables and so on. The choice of curtains is the most important, a good curtain will directly affect the style of the entire home. With the development of society, there are many curtain products on the market, adding multiple choices to consumers, but it also makes consumers fall into trouble.

 How to choose curtains?

1 , Sunscreen and heat insulation curtains, make this summer extremely beautiful!

2. Under the influence of many home styles, curtains are free and changeable in both color and pattern, with a wide range of red, gold, Brown, green and other series, all make the warm living room full of vitality. Of course, off-white, beige and orange make people easily feel the harvest of golden autumn; its brown and deep red series of curtain products are quite simple, making people easy to connect with nature.

3. Nowadays, in terms of the style of curtains, designers are more emphasizing a magnificent and mysterious classical charm, complemented by beige with warm tones, to form an elegant and gorgeous appearance, but the inner Fashion full of vibrant soul. At the same time, the dark blue pattern decoration is used as a foil to enrich the color sense of the curtains.

4. With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection, in 2016, the curtain decoration, whether it is color, pattern or style, is mainly returning to nature and full of modern feeling, which will bring Curtains and home decoration with natural colors and modern lines in the details occupy the entire market.

 What is the fashion trend of curtains?

1. Theme: Childlike nostalgia

  Pop through foam Serenity and Rose Quartz (also known as rose pink, Rose Quartz) emerge from the color of the sky. The fresh touch, beautiful and natural, strengthens the sensory experience characteristics of this theme. The lightness and beauty of the vision and the softness of the touch Comfort is enhanced and highlighted. The psychological appeal of pursuing pleasure and happiness and popular culture breed the formation of this theme style.

2. Theme: Time and Space Traveling Wind

 Now, The past and the future are mixed together, subverting the known patterns and laws of form to form a new style. Gorgeous brocades, Bosnian patterns, flowers and geometric decorations are mixed, allowing creativity to travel through time and space, and fabric designs are sometimes fresh , sometimes calmly, facing the future, reminiscing about the past, reshaping classics and interpreting fashion, the design comes from rich and overflowing vitality.

3. Theme: Renaissance style

 Through From the perspective of popular culture and digital technology, traditional decoration is re-examined. The intersection and collision of different regional cultures has become the key to understanding modernity. The unitary separation, mixing, deconstruction and reorganization of materials, patterns and manual procedures has opened up a new era. source of creation, which in turn affects and regulates the new social and cultural environment.

 Of course, in the face of the dazzling array of curtain products on the market, you can’t choose according to your own preferences, but you have to choose According to the style, layout, color, etc. of the whole room, the overall collocation is carried out to keep it unified and coordinated. For the purchase of curtains, we should also pay attention to the collocation of colors. You can’t just choose the color you like. In this way There will be counterproductive effects. What is the trend of curtains? How to choose curtains? Now everyone should have no doubts.

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