What is the difference between curtain rod and track? What are the benefits of curtain rod and track?

Nowadays, it is very important to choose a good curtain rod and track for decoration. It is a bridge for curtains and a guarantee of safety. When we choose curtain rods and tracks, we always choose good quality and durable materials. Such curtain rods are not easy to damage, can be used for a long time, and do not need to be replaced frequently. Today I will introduce the difference between curtain rods and tracks? What are the benefits of curtain rods and tracks?

 What is the difference between a curtain rod and a track?

 There is a certain difference between a curtain rod and a track , both have different aspects.

 Curtain rods, we generally call them bright rails, are usually made of solid wood or aluminum alloy, with fabric hanging on the rods and decorations at both ends. It is very beautiful and can be installed directly on the wall or in the curtain box. There are two types of curtain rods, one is the collar and the other is the pulley. There are many curtain rods with rings on the market, including iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and wood. They are all painted, and the bases are made of rubber, wood, or iron. Aluminum. The rings are expected and nanometers. The curtain rod can be installed against the surface and the effect is very good.

 The curtain track is generally called a dark track, and it is usually made of aluminum alloy. There are hanging wheels in the track to hang the fabric. For the sake of beauty, it will be installed in the curtain box. The curtain track has nano aluminum pulleys are nano and metal. Seventy to eighty percent of the market is the expected frame. But the mute effect is good. The curtain track is better hidden inside the curtain box, the effect is better, and the effect is not very good if it is installed outside.

 What are the benefits of curtain rods and tracks?

  , each has its own advantages.

 Curtain track

 There are two types of curtain track, one is bright rod and the other is dark track. The materials of the bright poles are wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and iron art. This kind of track is used on windows without curtain boxes and is exposed on the wall, so it is not suitable for curtains. This kind of track wood has a wide range of uses and is better matched with furniture, but the disadvantage is that it must be segmented if it exceeds three meters, otherwise it will be bent and deformed. Concealed rails are suitable for bay windows with or without curtain boxes. This kind of track is more beautiful and convenient for curtains. There are bendable curved rails and straight rails. The price is relatively higher than that of wooden rails. They are more slippery and have a longer service life.

 Curtain rod

 The general material is mainly metal and wood. The materials are different, and the effect of matching with silk or gauze decoration is also different. The decoration of different materials and rods in various rooms will show different beauty of curtains in different styles. Art curtain rods with different styles of iron rod heads, matched with silk or gauze decorative fabrics, used in the bedroom, there is a strong contrast between rigidity and softness; while the wooden carved rod heads give people a sense of warmth and fullness. The scope of use and matching style are not too limited, and it is suitable for living rooms with various functions.

 The above is the difference between the curtain rod and the track. What are the benefits of the curtain rod and the track? The best material to add color to the home.

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