What is the best match for living room curtains? Precautions for choosing living room curtains?

The selection and matching of curtains can be said to be a headache for many decoration people. First of all, the selection of curtains should not be too thick but also not too thin. The second is the problem of curtain matching. Because many people like to paste wallpapers or wall paintings nowadays, the selection and matching of curtains can be regarded as skill and knowledge. Next, I will solve this problem for you from two aspects: what to match the living room curtains with and the precautions for choosing living room curtains. problem.

What goes well with the living room curtains?

1. The floor of the living room is off-white, For the curtains, brown-yellow striped curtains in warm colors are mainly used to create a simple but not monotonous atmosphere. Through the embellishment of murals and sofa pillows, the space of the entire living room is enriched.

2. The living room furniture is light-colored, the floor is white, how to match the curtain color?

The living room decoration is based on modern and simple decoration, light-colored curtains, walls Murals have been added to the ceiling, and the entire living room space is refreshing and pleasant. Because the walls are white, in order to avoid excessive monotony in the living room, green potted plants make the living room full of vitality.

3. In a black-and-white living room, how do you match the curtain colors?

In this modern black-and-white living room, black floors, white sofas, and white picture frames are chosen Played the finishing touch. For the color combination of the living room in cool colors, if you choose curtains in cool colors, the whole living room will be in a stiff state. If you choose brown-yellow curtains, the layering of the living room will be displayed immediately.

4. The bricks and walls in the living room are beige. What color is the best color for the curtains and the sofa?

The living room of a small apartment is compact. The bricks and walls of the living room are beige, and the curtains should be yellow. It is a very warm living room. The striped sofa is chosen, which is fresh and practical. The whole small living room looks bright and comfortable.

5. Sky blue TV background wall, what color is the best color for living room curtains?

The living room floor is light-colored, the TV background wall is sky blue, the main wall is white, and the sofa is blue Beige, other furniture white, choose blue curtains in the same color system to match, the whole living room is not only modern, but also exotic. Typical romantic Mediterranean style.

Precautions for choosing living room curtains?
1. Good shading and can promote sleep, especially black and red curtains are good for insomniacs is a good choice. The curtains of the living room decorated in Chinese style are eye-catching because of their location, but the layout of the living room must highlight the owner’s own life taste and pursuit in the eyes of the guests. Therefore, when we choose the living room curtains, we must pay attention . Industry insiders suggest that curtains can create different atmospheres according to the personality of the owner.

2. Curtains can also choose cute cartoon patterns, or bright colors, and individual shapes suitable for children’s rooms. It is worth reminding that because children are more active, many times, they will play hide-and-seek with the curtains, or even bite the curtains with their teeth. Therefore, when choosing curtains for children, health and environmental protection issues must be fully considered.

3. Generally speaking, for modern Chinese-style decoration, the color and style of the curtains in the living room must ensure that the fabric sofa in the living room matches with each other, using linen or polyester-cotton fabrics. It is also necessary to use light tones in color, such as some beige, beige, and light gray. Most of the curtains in Chinese style are mainly brown, golden yellow and dark brown. Reddish and brown are also very common. These layout patterns must be consistent with the interior color system of the room.

The above is to remind everyone that it is important to choose curtains and what to choose to match with curtains, so I hope everyone will pay attention to them. In addition, if you really don’t know how to match and choose You can also refer to the suggestions above.

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