What Feng Shui should be paid attention to in the decoration of bedroom curtains

First, the color of the curtains

The master bedroom should use less pink tones. Some young friends think that using pink curtains in the bedroom can increase the romantic atmosphere, but they don’t know that in the bedroom, pink may provoke peach blossoms, easily cause a third party, and thus affect the relationship between husband and wife, so it is recommended to use less pink tones in the master bedroom.

White is generally a more versatile color, such as purple, blue, rose red, etc., can be matched with white. This kind of matching can bring out the romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. In the bedroom curtains, do not use light-toned curtains such as beige or white, because such colors will make the bedroom look too pale and lack a warm feeling.

Among the taboo colors for bedroom curtains, don’t choose black and red, because these two extreme colors will cause people to have bad emotions, and it is easy to make people’s emotions develop towards extremes. Also, you should pay attention to the combination of orientation and location. One is that using white in the northwest can promote the luck of the nobles. The other is that using brown or earthy colors in the southwest can increase the stable energy of the parents. Bring luck to single you.

Second, the thickness of the curtain fabric

The fabric of the curtain should not be too thick, too thick will feel heavy; Stress, in this way, will also affect the health of the whole family members. If such thick curtains are decorated in the bedroom, the owner’s eyelids will be heavy, and the owner will often feel sleepy, groggy, and the work efficiency will be reduced, and the financial resources will be strained. Therefore, it is not suitable to choose too heavy curtains for the bedroom. At the same time, the editor recommends that the bedroom curtains should have a shading layer.

Third, the pattern of the curtains

Avoid patterns with ominous meanings on the curtains.

There will be some trendy and alternative patterns on some curtains, which may cater to the curiosity-seeking psychology of young people, but it may imply bad luck on the curtains. For example, the common skeletons, dolls with weird shapes, and ferocious animals should be avoided to avoid adverse effects on the owner.

In the bedroom curtains, you must not choose unlucky patterns for the curtains. This kind of meaning is not good, and it will have a bad impact on the health and love of the family. For example, there are many skeletons, dolls with strange shapes, and ferocious animals. These should not appear on the curtains, especially in the rooms for the elderly and children. These are unfavorable factors. If there is such a pattern, we should avoid it.

Fourth, the evil effect of curtains

North: The Roman blinds pulled upwards can be divided into several sections Pulling upwards, this feature of pulling upwards sharply belongs to “earth” in terms of angle, and the principle of “earth” overcoming “water” can block the evil spirit of “water” in the north.

South: The south window has plenty of light all year round, and is the most important source of natural light for the room. In the hot summer, such sunlight seems a bit redundant. Therefore, the currently popular water wave curtain is a good choice.

West and Northwest: Windows are opened on the west side to increase the temperature of the room. Man-made fiber curtains that can diffuse the light source and block ultraviolet rays can be used to reduce the intrusion of heat. In theory, the five elements of man-made fibers belong to “fire”, and it is most effective to block the evil spirits belonging to “gold” from the west and northwest.

Northeast and Southwest: If there are evil spirits belonging to “earth” from the northeast and southwest, wooden venetian blinds belonging to “wood” can be used to block the evil spirits. If you think wooden curtains are too expensive, you can replace them with paper or cloth curtains that are also made of plants, which have the same effect of blocking evil spirits.

5. The influence of curtains on the fortune of the owner

At the beginning of the decoration, the color and material of the curtains should be selected according to the owner’s fortune-telling. It plays the role of life support in the relationship, health, wealth, career and other aspects of fortune. If you don’t pay attention to this problem, it may have the opposite effect.

For example, if the owner’s fortune is like wood, you can choose green and wooden curtains; if the owner’s fortune is like fire, you can choose red and purple series, man-made fiber curtains; Choose Roman blinds in yellow and khaki colors; if the owner likes gold, choose white metal curtains; if the owner likes water, use blue and black water curtains.

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