What Curtains to Use for Bathroom Windows? How to Choose Curtains?

The bathroom is a relatively private place in the home, so it is important to choose a suitable curtain. Bathroom curtains need to be waterproof. Environmental protection, anti-corrosion and other features should also be easy to use. Cleaning and ensuring sufficient privacy. What curtains are better for bathroom windows? What are the tips for choosing curtains? Let’s take a look.

 What curtains are used for bathroom windows

 1. Blinds

  A romantic and aesthetic feeling, especially the modern young consumer groups, love this kind of simple and elegant decorative building materials. The shutters can not only protect the privacy of the indoor residents, but also adjust the indoor lighting, so many young people Consumers like to choose shutter products for bathroom decoration.

 2. Roller blinds

  It has a waterproof function and is also suitable for bathroom use, and has the characteristics of various patterns and random sizes.

 3. Fabric curtains

 The curtains used in the living room and bedroom at home are commonly Fabric curtains, so, is the bathroom suitable for fabric curtains?

 The bathroom can also be used, it is ordinary fabric curtains, it is recommended not to choose too thick, and pay attention to the ease of cleaning of the fabric, Once there are stains, you need to deal with them, and try not to choose curtains made of shrunken materials and high-grade and expensive materials. But you can’t choose curtains that are too thin, as such curtains will expose privacy.

&nbsp ;4. Frosted glass

 If there are no residents in your home, it is also a good choice to use frosted glass for windows. Although it will block part of the light, it will not affect the basic lighting,

 If you have residents in your home, you should add a curtain to the bathroom glass after choosing frosted glass. After all, frosted glass can also see people’s shadows.

 5. Bamboo curtain

 Bamboo curtains are very different. They are waterproof and easy to use. They can not only protect privacy when in use, but also provide enough light and scenery when not in use.


 Curtain purchasing skills

 One: Decisively say “no” to unnecessary accessories

&nbsp ; There are many accessories added to the curtain, such as: lace, pendants, hooks, hanging balls, straps… lip; From a practical point of view, in addition to the must-haves such as cloth belts, there are also optional accessories such as pendants or lead wires. Many others are flashy and cumbersome, and they are also the main profit points of curtain merchants. Therefore, it can be considered to omit appropriately.

 Second: Who should choose the curtain rod and curtain slide?

 Depends on the size of the window. For smaller curtains, it is better to use curtain slides, because this kind of curtain usually only needs to be pulled lightly by hand. For large windows and floor-to-ceiling windows, curtain rods are used, which are visually atmospheric and beautiful, and because the cloth hanging down from large curtains is heavy and heavy, they are often operated by pull ropes, and curtain rods are more secure.

 Three: cloth tape, pull ring, lead wire

 The cloth tape is the key connection for hanging the curtain on the hook, and the material is also divided into upper, middle and lower according to the quality. The lead wire is to increase the weight to prevent the curtain from fluttering. Unless there are special requirements, it is generally enough to use the lead wire for the bottom edge. As accessories, the price of small buttons and pull rings is sometimes four or five times higher than that of the fabric itself. To beware of merchant traps, you must understand these.

 Four: Hold your purse tightly

 The same fabric, track and hook have different prices after installation, because each store has its own budget. After the price of fabrics is lowered by consumers, merchants raise the price through hooks, handwork, installation, track and other aspects. Therefore, in addition to mastering the above skills, they have to shop around.

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