What Curtains Go With Pale Pink Walls?

The colors of different walls and curtains should be well matched, so that the overall decoration style can be more advantageous, so some matching skills of curtains and wall colors are still very important aspect. So do you know what curtains go with pale pink walls? Now the trend of custom-made curtains is relatively good. They can be customized according to different styles and sizes. How about custom-made curtains? Let’s introduce some related content in detail. Let everyone understand.

What curtains go with pale pink walls

Pink and pink purple are They are in the same color system, but the chroma is different. This kind of matching is more harmonious. The matching of pink and pink purple is as sweet as vanilla ice cream and as warm as lavender, giving people a very sweet and warm feeling. Coupled with a layer of hazy tulle, it is dreamlike and gives a girlish feeling.

1. It looks good with pink and purple curtains. Red and pink-purple are in the same color system, but the chroma is different. This kind of matching is more harmonious The feeling, coupled with a layer of hazy tulle, is like a dream, bringing out a girlish feeling.

2. Buy pink curtains, a little tulle, which looks dreamy, beautiful, and echoes each other. Elegant green is yellow-green. If the house is simple to match, you can use white florals to add some color embellishment, but don’t use particularly deep colors. It is mainly light yellow and decorated with small white art pictures. It is a very warm little world.

How about custom-made curtains?

1. The merchant will recommend you to make more floor-to-ceiling curtains, because you have to use Roman poles to look good. If you use Roman poles, you need to make round holes, and a ring costs 4 yuan , much more expensive than hooks. More importantly, you have to spend a lot of money on cloth and lace. Doing one more floor-to-ceiling curtain will cost at least 150 yuan more. If you don’t do floor-to-ceiling, you don’t need to wrap lace. Because it doesn’t look good without lace on the floor, short curtains don’t matter.

2. If it is for home use, it is recommended that you buy two layers, pull the gauze curtain during the day, and pull the thick one at night, which is easy and convenient. The same product has different prices from different sellers. In order to avoid being cheated by the merchants, it is better to go to several sellers.

3. When asking the total price, the merchant will generally not tell you the total price directly, but will say that the actual measurement shall prevail. Even if you use the actual data of your windows to order the curtains, he will not be on the spot I will calculate the total price for you, because the total price directly scares you so that you don’t want to buy curtains.

4. Although some merchants indicate the actual width of the fabric, they will vigorously promote it, saying that the ratio of wall to curtain is 1:2, which is the golden ratio. Buy cloth and make a profit from it. Consumers often have no idea, and will follow the so-called experience of the merchants and buy more cloth.

What kind of curtains go with pale pink walls? When matching curtains with pale pink walls, you can choose curtains of the same color, such as pink and pink purple, etc. This kind of matching is more coordinated. At the same time, it can also give people a very sweet feeling. How about custom-made curtains? It is still a very good choice. It can be customized according to specific needs, the size and style of the curtains, so that it can meet the needs of most people.

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