What Curtains Go With Off-White Walls?

The curtain colors are different for walls and furniture of different colors, so why the curtains are installed after the final furniture enters the venue, this is the reason, so the color matching of curtains is still very good One of the key points, so what kind of curtains go with off-white walls, and what are the precautions for choosing curtains? These little common senses are a good reference for everyone to understand the color matching of curtains and the little common sense of curtain purchase. May as well Check out related content.

What curtains go with beige walls

Beige is good for curtains In terms of color, if you like quiet surfaces, you can try beige and light green, which are also excellent for eyesight. If you like bold colors, you can choose floral and contrasting color curtains. You can try two-layer ones and one-layer fabric ones. , a layer of yarn art, the effect is excellent.

Precautions for Purchasing Curtains

1. Regarding the selection and shading of curtains Performance considerations

When you choose curtains, you should consider the shading performance. The bedroom and the living room are the two most commonly used places. The curtains in these two rooms have different requirements for shading.

As the activity center of the home, the living room needs sufficient light, so do not install dark-colored full-shade curtains. If you install single-layer curtains, you can use this kind of translucent sheer curtain, which has both privacy and plenty of light. If you like a quiet atmosphere, you can install a double-layer combination of full shading + semi-transparent gauze curtains. According to different scenes, you can use full shading, semi-shading or no shading.

Second, about the choice of curtain color

It is also very important to choose the color and pattern of the curtain. If you really don’t know how to choose, then white or gray, white is versatile, Gray premium, you can’t go wrong.

For example, the combination of gray blackout curtain + white translucent gauze curtain is a classic all-match style. If you like a bit of color, you can choose curtains that are similar in color to a certain soft decoration in your home. In the living room, you can refer to sofas, carpets, wall paintings, coffee tables, and in the bedroom, you can refer to pillows, sheets, lamps, etc. Don’t use a large area to hit a large area, so that the basic tone of the whole room will be biased, just use a small area of color to echo the curtains.

The color does not have to be only one kind, and color matching can also be used to make the indoor color richer. This kind of vertical two-color curtain with dark bottom and light top, and the light-colored area is more than the dark-colored area, can visually elevate the room.

What kind of curtains go with off-white walls? Consider what kind of curtains are more suitable according to the decoration style. What are the precautions for choosing curtains? For example, it depends on the color of the curtains, as well as the quality and brand of the curtains. These methods of choosing curtains cannot be ignored and can be used in life.

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