What curtains go with Chinese style furniture? How to match Chinese style furniture with curtains?

In terms of decoration, many people don’t know how to match the curtains with the Chinese style. There is a certain degree of confusion about these collocations, which makes you have certain difficulties in choosing. Today’s editor Let me analyze with you what kind of curtains are suitable for Chinese-style furniture? How to match Chinese-style furniture with curtains? Let you have a certain understanding when choosing.

What curtains go with Chinese style furniture?

 1. Different There are different functions in the room. We all know that curtains are a good tool to protect privacy from the subconscious. The curtains in places like bedrooms and bathrooms should be decorated with thicker curtains. The living room is an area for everyone’s public activities, so it is useless. It is necessary to cover up so much, so the choice of translucent curtains is mainly to make them have a decorative effect

 2. The curtains of Chinese-style decorated houses are important decorations on the wall, so whether the curtains are unique and beautiful plays a decisive role It plays an important role. Choosing a good curtain can instantly improve the atmosphere of the whole home without appearing monotonous and orderly.

 3. Noise is also a headache for us. Everyone knows that the high-pitched sound is transmitted in a straight line, and the reflection efficiency of the window glass for the high-pitched sound is also high. Therefore, in the bedroom, we must choose curtains with appropriate thickness to improve the noise of the outside world, so that we can have a good rest environment. ?These are the issues we need to pay attention to when choosing curtains. If all aspects of work are done meticulously, there will be no mistakes, and there will be no delay in the progress of our decoration project.

 How to match Chinese furniture and curtains?

1. Traditional beauty, so when matching Chinese-style curtains, avoid adding modern elements, especially modern elements that are too trendy. When matching Chinese-style curtains, the classical collocation techniques are the main ones. From the material point of view, try to choose a more transparent and hazy gauze cord. This light, light-transmitting gauze cord can create an ancient The charm of the antique color is beautiful. If the curtains are used in girls’ rooms, you can use pink gauze curtains to create the gentle and mysterious style of the boudoir in ancient times. If it is in boys’ rooms, you can consider light brown curtains in Chinese style. The home environment in ancient times is made of wood tones Mainly, light coffee is close to the color of logs, which can well reproduce the simple Chinese log living atmosphere.

2.’. Different styles of curtains have different pattern characteristics, but where is the unique pattern of Chinese curtains? Embroidery is a unique handicraft operation method in my country. The clothes and supplies of ancient Chinese people Embroidery is indispensable. It can be said that embroidery is an important element in Chinese style. Therefore, when matching Chinese curtains, if artificial embroidery can be added to it, it will be a good display of Chinese art. For the curtain itself, it has Compared with printed patterns, embroidery patterns have a strong sense of ancient charm.

3. In order to increase the beauty of the curtains, many curtains now add certain accessories as decorations in the matching process, and Chinese-style curtains are no exception, but the big difference is that Chinese-style curtains Curtains will choose to match with traditional beauty accessories, such as Chinese Ruyi knot is a better choice, tie two big Ruyi knots on both sides of Chinese curtains, and the strong Chinese sentiment will be quickly displayed in front of you. Of course, in addition to the above matching skills, there are many other matching methods for Chinese curtains, which will be discussed later.

Okay, what kind of curtains are matched with Chinese-style furniture? An analysis of the matching skills of Chinese-style furniture and curtains. I hope it can help you, so that you will not be so confused when choosing

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