What curtains are used in the bathroom? How to choose curtains?

The bathroom is a relatively important place in home decoration. Although people should think too much about it when they are decorating, otherwise, no matter what problems arise later, there will be Affecting people’s quality of life, everyone should know what curtains are used in the bathroom. In addition, how to choose curtains should also pay attention to the method. After all, there are too many products on the market.

What curtains are used in the bathroom?

1. Huaxin Home Textiles (a large-scale enterprise group integrating textile research and development/design/production/sales, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, Xinming Holding Group Co., Ltd.)

2. Zhongwang ZW (Zhejiang Famous Trademark, Top Ten Curtain Fabric Brands, Large-scale Home Textile Fabric Provider, Hangzhou Famous Trademark, Zhongwang Holding Group Co., Ltd.)

3. Molykot (domestic research and development , design, production and sales of decorative fabric enterprises, top ten brands of curtain fabric, Foshan Molik Home Fabric Co., Ltd.)

4, Jinchan (one of the private enterprises specializing in the production of curtains, The leading brand in the domestic curtain fabric industry, Zhejiang Jinchan Fabric Co., Ltd.)

5, Autans HIGHTEX (a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, a brand in the curtain fabric industry, a professional manufacturer of home textile fabrics, Hangzhou Aotan Si Cloth Art Co., Ltd.)

How to choose curtains?

1. Seasonal factors should also be considered in the selection of window decoration fabrics. In summer, curtains should be made of soft yarn or silk, which is breathable and cool; Thin curtains are perfect for spring. If you are undecided, there is a simple and effective way to use double-layer curtains, which are used alternately according to different seasons and light.

2. In terms of style, the curtains in a small room should be in a relatively simple style, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to the complexity of the curtains. For a large living room, it is advisable to adopt a more generous, stylish and delicate style. The width of the curtains should generally be about 10 cm wider than the windows on both sides. The bottom should depend on the style of the curtains. Short curtains should also be about 20 cm longer than the bottom line of the window sill; ~3 cm.

3. Curtain fabrics of different textures will produce different decorative effects. When choosing the texture of curtains, the function of the room should be considered first. Bathrooms and kitchens should choose fabrics with strong practicability and easy washing, and the style should be simple and smooth; the living room and dining room can fully guarantee that they will not be affected by external light and noise, so fabrics with strong thickness should be selected; curtains in the study room should choose light-transmitting fabrics Resilient, bright fabrics in subdued colors help to relax and contemplate.

4. The windows are small, so it is better to choose lifting curtains. Due to humidity and oily fumes in kitchens and bathrooms, it is more appropriate to use shutters. The balcony should choose curtains made of light-resistant and non-fading materials.

After reading the introduction of what curtains to use in the bathroom, everyone should have understood that there are many types of curtains. It’s different, no matter what, you should choose the brand’s products to reassure people. For how to choose curtains, you should pay attention to some selection methods and skills.

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