What curtains are suitable for the living room? Living room curtain color matching skills?

There are many things to pay attention to in terms of decoration. In addition to tiles and other decoration materials, curtains are also one of the decoration materials. For the decoration of the living room, Everyone may also choose schools. Curtains are not only more practical, but also have good aesthetics. People should master what kind of curtains are suitable for the living room. In addition, they should also master more about the color matching skills of living room curtains.

What curtains are suitable for the living room?

1. Natural and casual curtain head, the style seems casual but solemn and elegant, and the shape is natural. In fact, every fold has been carefully processed. It can make the whole space environment look warm and peaceful, and it is the best choice for pursuing individual life. The curtain head seems to just inadvertently wrap the whole piece of fabric on the curtain rod. At the same time, it is also a choice not to be missed by those who like a warm environment.

2. Classical curtain head pleats. This classical curtain head pleat method is very suitable for the layout of the living room. Depressing.

3. Rustic vertical pleats, the curtain head is designed with regular vertical pleats, which together with the floral pattern on the curtain body emphasize the overall simplicity of the curtain. This kind of pleating method of the curtain head is suitable for the curtain fabric of cotton and linen texture.

4. The bow-knot-decorated curtain head is sewn on the curtain head with a bow-knot-shaped fabric as a curtain ring.

5. Natural drooping multiple folds. This kind of curtain head design is suitable for the combination of multiple windows. The multiple folds of the curtain head hang down naturally and feel elegant. Sensitive fabric.

Color matching skills for living room curtains?

1. The size of the window and the cultural background, personality, etc. of the resident should also be considered in the matching of curtains. The curtains of the house where the elderly live should be calm and elegant, while the curtains of the young people’s home or children’s room can be appropriately different in color. It is a children’s room, and colorful and bright colors can help children form a cheerful personality. According to this method of curtain matching, then focus on your own habits and hobbies, as well as your family’s love for colors. Knowing this, I didn’t expect that there are so many details about curtain matching!

2. The first is the color matching skills. The main point is to match the interior color. The second is that the colors of the curtains should not exceed three, otherwise it will give people a miscellaneous feeling. It is conducive to the precipitation of the mood, and it is easy to make people feel irritable. The curtains in the master bedroom should not be pink, which represents the luck of the peach blossoms. It is said that it will affect the relationship between husband and wife. Color can affect mood, and this research is not groundless. Curtain collocation pays attention to color. After all, there are so many curtains with different colors, styles, designs and patterns.

After the introduction of what kind of curtains are suitable for the living room, everyone already understands very well, no matter which one you choose, you should go to a regular specialty store to choose, in terms of quality It is reassuring, the living room curtain color matching skills, and the above text has given you an introduction, after mastering these small skills, the effect can be more beautiful.

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