What curtains are soundproof? Tips for choosing soundproof curtains?

Curtains are a common tool in our lives. They play an important role in our lives. Reasonable selection of curtains can not only greatly improve the color of room decoration, Waiting to provide people with a relatively secret space, many people like to use sound-proof curtains when choosing curtains. In this article, we will introduce to you: What curtains are sound-proof? The trick to choosing sound-proof curtains?

 What curtains are soundproof?

 1. Flocking of soundproof curtain fabric Curtain

 Flocking curtain fabric is the main style of soundproof curtain fabric selection, flocking curtain fabric is mainly made of polyester fiber acrylic resin foam coating, is a PVC-free fabric, It is better in terms of environmental protection performance and is not easy to fade. Because there are fine fluff on the curtain fabric, the sound absorption effect is better. The soundproof curtain fabric we often say mainly refers to the curtain fabric of this material.

 2. Canvas curtains for soundproof curtain fabrics

 Canvas soundproof curtain fabrics are less effective in sound insulation than flocking curtain fabrics. The texture of the soundproofing effect is also good. Can meet the general noise environment. Canvas soundproof curtains have a certain mitigation effect on noise.

 3. The chenille curtain of the sound-proof curtain fabric

  , Good drapability. The sound insulation effect of chenille soundproof curtain fabric is slightly worse than that of flocking soundproof curtain fabric, but better than canvas soundproof curtain fabric.

 The trick to choosing soundproof curtains?

 1. Check the brand

  Generally speaking, the better the quality The better the sound insulation curtain, the better its brand reputation will be. Therefore, when purchasing, users should first pay attention to its brand, so as to avoid buying inferior products.

 2. Check the after-sales service

 Generally speaking, the better the quality of the soundproof curtain, the more perfect its after-sales service will be. Therefore, users should also pay attention to its after-sales service when purchasing, so as not to cause inconvenience in the future.

 3. Check the quality

 The quality of general soundproof curtains has been tested by the state and will not cause harm to the human body. Therefore, users should also pay attention to its quality inspection when purchasing.

 4. Check the fabric

 General sound insulation curtains, its fabric quality is also very good, with a texture. Therefore, consumers should also pay attention to its fabric inspection when purchasing to prevent allergies.

 Curtains are an indispensable tool for every family in our life. Therefore, in the process of decoration, what kind of curtains to choose is a problem that many people struggle with. Many people choose soundproof curtains when decorating. Maybe you will ask: What kind of curtains are soundproof? What are the tips for choosing soundproof curtains? After the introduction of this article, I believe you have a better understanding of it.

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