What Curtains and Curtains to Match with Light Color Decoration Tips

If you can analyze the specific color changes or the use of space when choosing curtains, it can often make our lives easier. The following is about what curtains are suitable for light-colored decoration and the matching skills of curtains. I hope everyone can analyze the different styles of curtains, the overall rendering effect, matching methods, etc., and then make sufficient judgments based on home requirements.

What curtains go with light-colored decoration

If it is white walls, light The curtains are mainly brownish-yellow stripes in warm tones.

1. White walls, light-colored sofas

If the home is dominated by white walls and off-white floors, it is recommended that the color of the curtains be mainly brown-yellow stripes in warm tones , to create a simple but not monotonous atmosphere, Tonghai can also enrich the whole living room through the embellishment of murals and sofa pillows.

2. Light-colored furniture, white floor

The whole home is based on modern minimalist style, with light-colored appliances and white floors. Hang some murals on the wall to make the whole living room space refreshing and pleasant. At the same time, because the walls are white, in order to avoid excessive monotony in the living room, some green potted plants can be placed.

3. Black and white style living room

In order to make the living room more individual, for many young people, they will use black and white to create, black floor, white sofa, If you choose cool-colored curtains for this kind of cool-color living room color combination, it will look too stiff, so I suggest brown-yellow curtains, and the layering of the living room will be displayed immediately.

Curtain matching skills

1. The design and color should match the sofa Curtains should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains. In Jialiya Home Textiles and Style 2000 Home Furnishing Store, the life-experiential exhibition halls create a different style of home decoration atmosphere, and the curtains are integrated with the decoration style and furniture layout, which fully embodies this rule. In addition to tones, different curtain heads and accessories also describe different home “expressions”. Different curtain heads are elegant, simple and rational, sensual and romantic, or intellectually elegant, and they imperceptibly tell different moods.

2. The combination of black and red can relieve insomnia. You can choose dark fabrics for bedroom curtains, which have good shading properties and can promote sleep. Especially black and red curtains are a good choice for insomniacs . The curtain design of the children’s room is combined with the nature of the child. The curtains generally choose cute cartoon patterns, bright colors, and individual shapes to please the little master. It is especially worth reminding that since children are naturally active, they sometimes play hide-and-seek with the curtains, or even bite the curtains with their teeth. Therefore, when choosing curtains for children, health and environmental protection issues must be fully considered.

3. Blended materials are shrink-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. Due to moisture and oily fume in kitchens and bathrooms, it is more suitable to use blinds; in addition, it is more suitable to choose wooden or bamboo curtains for leisure rooms and tea rooms. Curtains made of sun-drying and non-fading materials; fabrics with good light transmission can be selected for the study room, which helps to relax and think about problems. When customers buy, they should ask about the shrinkage rate, loosen their hands, and leave ample shrinkage.

The above introduction is what kind of curtains are suitable for light-colored decoration and the matching skills of curtains. In the process of choosing curtains, you must pay special attention to various collocations, and at the same time, you must analyze the styles suitable for each space. Some home owners prefer the new Chinese style, and some owners may prefer the American style. In fact, each material may correspond to a different design method and overall material selection.

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