What curtain style is good? What color is the curtain?

What curtain style is good? Curtains are very common in everyone’s home. Different decoration styles will choose different curtains, and the curtains of each house give people a different feeling. At this time, we must first determine the style before choosing curtains, especially the curtains. The choice of color is more important, so let’s learn more about the color of curtains. The specific content is as follows:

What curtain style is good?

1. Curtain curtains are more decorative, and curtains with curtains have an elegant and noble temperament. Modern window curtains are divided into modern pleated skirt curtains, wave curtains, and simple folding curtains. Window curtains already existed during the Renaissance in Italy and France, and they have a certain romanticism. If your home decoration style tends to be French, classical European or Mediterranean style, choose window curtains, the effect will be better a little.

2. Curtains without curtains. In the fast-paced modern life, young people prefer a stylish and simple decoration style. In such a home style, window curtains seem a bit cumbersome and complicated. For this reason, drapes that are crisp and clean without curtains are also very popular. Curtains without curtains are more suitable for these decoration home styles, such as Nordic style, modern style, minimalist style.

What color is the curtain?

1. White. White can be called a versatile color, suitable for any space, white has a fresh and elegant feeling, simple and elegant! However, the disadvantage of white curtains is that they are not resistant to dirt. If you don’t want to always wash the curtains, don’t choose white curtains.

2. Gray line. Gray has a low-key and calm feeling. Using appropriate gray curtains to match the interior can give people a noble and restrained feeling. In addition, the privacy of gray curtains is very good, which can completely cover the indoor environment, making it impossible for people to see through the room and giving people a sense of security.

3, color and stripes. In addition to pure color curtains, there are also many styles of patterned curtains and striped curtains on the market, but the choice of patterned and striped curtains is the most test of the owner’s taste. The effects of different colors and stripes are also different. The color of the curtains can be selected according to the interior decoration style and personal preferences; if it is a striped curtain, the room with a higher floor can choose horizontal stripes, which is a compact space. Conversely, vertical striped curtains can be chosen to visually stretch the floor height in the high-floor interior.

When we follow the editor, what curtain style is good? After learning the knowledge of what color is good for curtains, we found that there is so much attention to the selection of a small curtain. From the style of the curtain to the color of the curtain, every detail is very important, so we want to choose a satisfactory decorative effect. The curtains need to study the above knowledge seriously, I hope the introduction of the editor above can help everyone.

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