What conditions should kitchen curtains meet? Does the kitchen need curtains?

Curtains are necessary in home life. Its function is not only to keep the privacy of the room, but also to shade and keep warm. However, our general curtains are made of cotton or gauze. These materials are only suitable for use in bedrooms or living rooms. If they are installed in the kitchen, they seem a bit inappropriate. So what conditions should kitchen curtains meet? Should the kitchen have curtains? Let’s take a look together.

Kitchen curtainsWhat conditions should be met ?

1. Chinese people like to cook fried food, and this kind of food produces a lot of oily smoke, which will cause huge damage to the curtains, and it is even more troublesome to clean. Therefore, you should choose some more suitable types of curtains for kitchen curtains. You can choose blinds. It is mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood and bamboo baking varnish. , very suitable for kitchen use.

2. In addition, roller blinds are generally made of polyester fabrics or glass fiber fabrics, which have the characteristics of oil resistance and high temperature resistance. In addition, gauze curtains can also be used. However, the method of tying the gauze curtain is also very particular. The first is to tie the gauze curtain for decoration and hanging. The decoration and practicality coexist, and it is beautiful and convenient to remove and wash.

3. Some kitchen windows face west, long-term exposure to the west will discolor the cabinets, and the temperature in the kitchen will be relatively high, so curtains are also very important for sun protection. If some people still think that the curtains are difficult to serve, don’t worry, there is still a way. Sticking glass film can save money and trouble, and the effect of protecting privacy is also good.

Do you want curtains in the kitchen?

1. Kitchens are generally not equipped with curtains, unless the kitchen at home is more for decoration and does not cook much at home, like many open kitchens. Hanging curtains can make the overall home decoration more beautiful, and the curtains It can also protect the privacy of the home and avoid unobstructed views from the outside.

2. There is so much oily fume in the kitchen, and the curtains we use are all fabric curtains. This kind of curtain is not suitable for the kitchen environment at all, because there is heavy oily fume in the kitchen, it is easy to contaminate the curtains, and it is difficult to clean the fabric curtains after they are polluted.

3. Sunlight will directly shine into the room, causing the temperature in the house to rise. You can choose to install shutters on the kitchen window, which can not only block the sun and protect privacy, but also maintain ventilation while shading the sun to prevent gas poisoning. The shutters installed in the kitchen are aluminum alloy baking varnish-coated shutters. Because of the coating on the surface of this kind of shutters, its anti-oil effect is much better than that of ordinary shutters, and it is more convenient to clean.

In fact, it is very beneficial to install curtains in the kitchen, but the material must meet the requirements, otherwise it will only increase the trouble of cleaning. Well, let’s learn about the conditions that kitchen curtains should meet and whether to install curtains in the kitchen. Again, everything in the home depends on your actual situation. Don’t choose blindly.

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