what color to use for balcony curtains and what material to use for balcony curtains

Most people will only install curtains in the bedroom or living room, but now not only the living room and bedroom need to install curtains, many owners also like to install curtains on the balcony. A good balcony curtain not only has the function of shading and protection, but also can bring beauty and fashion to our living room. So what color is good for the balcony curtains, and what kind of curtains are used for the balcony? The editor will lead everyone to learn together today.

What color is the balcony curtain:

1. Generally, it is better to choose some more elegant curtains for balcony curtains, because the balcony is a place with more air circulation and sunlight, and elegant colors are conducive to reflecting light? The selection of curtains can not only avoid direct sunlight, but also make the living room feel cooler, which is more suitable for the choice of summer balcony curtains!

A living room decoration full of rural atmosphere, the whole living room is decorated with The yellow color is the main color of the decoration, which looks romantic and warm. Beautiful flower arrangements are placed in the room, and the balcony is designed as a solid wood platform. The use of light green balcony curtains makes the living room full of vigor and vitality!

2. A very elegant neoclassical living room decoration. When choosing curtains for the balcony, we should consider the decorative characteristics of the entire room. Choose the corresponding curtains. In the elegant space, choose the elegant curtains with red and white colors, which looks elegant and elegant. Put green fresh plants to make the room more elegant!

3. An elegant and modern small-sized living room decoration with right and wrong color matching. The entire space is dominated by white and black, making the entire room more atmospheric. Regular, full of mysterious colors, and the corresponding balcony curtains are designed with black gauze curtains, which is beautiful and elegant, and is in harmony with the atmosphere of the entire room!

For balconies What kind of curtains are made of:

1. Cloth curtains

When purchasing curtains, usually the clerk will also recommend you to purchase curtains and gauze curtains together. Cloth curtains have relatively high light-shielding properties, while gauze curtains have good light transmission properties, so the two kinds of curtains are suitable for different times and meet different needs. If it is a thicker curtain of cloth such as velvet, it can also play an excellent role in noise reduction and absorb outdoor noise. In terms of the color of the curtains, it is recommended to be light-colored. Dark curtains are exposed to sunlight for a long time, which is easy to lose color and affect the beauty. Or consider the factors of blocking ultraviolet rays and the overall color to match the home decoration, you can also choose curtain colors such as green, yellow, brown, etc.

2. Venetian blinds

The blinds are usually coated with a layer of anti-radiation paint on one side of the curtain. In winter, facing the inside can prevent the indoor heat from dissipating outside, and the effect of regulating the indoor temperature is better.

About what color is good for balcony curtains and what material is used for balcony curtains, the editor will tell you so much today. In this regard, the editor still wants to remind everyone that in terms of style, usually the curtains in small rooms should be in a more concise style, so as not to make the space appear narrower due to cumbersome curtains. For a large living room, it is advisable to choose a more generous, graceful, and exquisite style.

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