What color is the best color for the master bedroom curtains? How to match the color of bedroom curtains?

The bedroom is the place where we rest, and it provides us with a comfortable and stable feeling. The curtains in the bedroom are the opposite of the brighter windows in the room, so when choosing colors, be Be cautious and know how to match. Next, we will introduce to you what color to choose for the master bedroom curtains and how to match the colors of the bedroom curtains. Let’s take a look.

1. What color is the master bedroom curtain?

1. South location Green curtains are suitable:

Green is often considered to have vitality, so green curtains are suitable for bedroom windows in the south. In learning, the five elements in the south belong to fire, and the masters communicate with etiquette, which affects people’s creative inspiration and social skills. Hanging green curtains on the bedroom windows in the south not only has a green aesthetic, but also has a positive impact on the owner’s interpersonal relationship.

2. Orange curtains are suitable for the north position:

The bedroom windows in the north position are suitable for orange curtains. In school, the north is water, which rules people’s love relationship. It is suitable to use orange, which represents passion and unrestrained, to have a good influence on the relationship between husband and wife.

3. Red is suitable for oriental curtains:

In traditional culture, red represents the color of joy, and has the symbols of enthusiasm, joy, boldness and enterprising. In traditional Chinese medicine, the five elements in the east belong to wood, which has vigorous power and symbolizes youth and brave spirit. The curtains used in the eastern position should be red, which is easy to make people full of energy, which is good for career and studies.

4. Gold is suitable for Western curtains:

In traditional culture, yellow is the most expensive color, representing wealth and power. In traditional Chinese medicine, the five elements in the western position belong to gold, which is considered to be the direction that dominates career and wealth. Yellow curtains are suitable for bedroom windows in the west, which can bring good influence on the wealth of the homeowner.

Second, how to match the color of bedroom curtains

1. The whole room should not have too many colors. If you choose light-colored curtains, the bedroom should mainly choose stable colors, Static color curtains, such as light brown and brown-red furniture can be matched with beige and orange curtains, and white furniture can be matched with light coffee, light blue and beige curtains, making the room look elegant and not deserted, warm but not tacky.

2. Try not to use too pure colors, or too strong contrast, and focus on light, so as to ensure sleep. Sometimes the bedroom needs sunlight, and sometimes it does not need sunlight at all, so choose curtains with better shading properties to achieve the effect of adjusting the sunlight at any time.

3. Pay attention to the curtains with good ventilation performance to keep the indoor air fresh.

4. The choice of curtain color should focus on “coordination”. Its tone and texture need to be coordinated with the furniture of the room, the decoration style of the room, and the interior walls, floors, and ceilings to form a unified and harmonious overall beauty. In fact, the choice of curtains is the most critical to coordinate with the owner’s psychological feeling and color preferences. Create a warm and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom to achieve a soothing and relaxing state.

5. If you can choose curtains made of green and environmentally friendly materials, then choose it! Contributing to low-carbon life requires us to start from small things!

The above is all the knowledge about what color to choose for the master bedroom curtains and how to match the color of the bedroom curtains. The choice of bedroom curtains is very important. Of course, the curtains in other areas must also be done well , must not be negligent, nor can you choose the color of the curtains casually.

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