What color is the best color for the living room curtains? yellow is common

Good curtains are the finishing touch to a house. Even if the home decoration is too simple and ordinary, if there is a curtain that perfectly matches the overall style of the living room in the home, it will make the visiting guests have a bright feeling, and it will also have the effect of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses. Therefore, the color choice of curtains is very important.

The color matching technique of living room curtains is red

Red symbolizes enthusiasm and unrestrained, very attractive, and it is also relatively public color. The bright red curtains in the living room bring red enchantment and enthusiasm, which drives the vitality and vigor of the entire living room space, and at the same time shows the charm of wealth and grandeur, making the living room space created by it more charming.

Color matching skills for living room curtains: yellow

In the cold winter, yellow often brings a warm feeling. The sofa is the same, the color of the yellow series shows the warmth and comfort of the home under the light. This color is most noticeable in the application of curtains in the modern living room.

The color matching technique of living room curtains is blue

Among many colors, blue always gives people a quiet and noble visual sense; The blue color of the sky and the sea is very natural and profound. The living room curtains in blue tones will create a quiet and peaceful home atmosphere, and when matched with furniture decorations in other colors, it will reflect the stable and comfortable living space of the occupants.

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