What color curtains to use for white furniture? Curtain color matching principle?

In recent years, when decorating their homes, many people prefer white furniture, because pure white furniture will appear monotonous, but how to match white furniture with curtains? ? I believe that many people want to know. Next, we will introduce to you what color curtains are used for white furniture and the principles of curtain color matching. Let’s take a look.

1. What color curtains are used for white furniture

1. Choose bright curtains A touch of color can make a finishing touch, as the furniture is white. If the house is not too big, it is better to dress it up as a lively and bright home color. In terms of style, white furniture is divided into sweet Korean pastoral, casual European and American countryside, classic European classical and Western minimalism. The curtains can also be selected according to these styles to be more integrated.

2. Silk curtains: Silk curtains are lighter and easier to clean. Whether it is the color of sapphire or purple floral curtains, they can be matched with white furniture and complement each other.

3. Floral curtains: White furniture can be said to be versatile. If your furniture is in a rural style, matching white furniture with floral curtains will add to the rural atmosphere of your room. A breeze blows, and the curtains are gently blown up, inadvertently leading you into the rural countryside, to feel the nature and tranquility.

4. Dark curtains: White furniture often gives you a pure feeling. The whole room is dominated by white furniture. Then, a dark curtain may melt the white air-conditioning. Curtains, with chains like drops of water, on one side are the curtains dancing lightly, and on the other side are the white furniture standing proudly, one deep and one shallow, one piece and one relaxation, harmoniously blending.

5. Striped curtains: Have you ever thought about raising some flowers and plants in your home? The natural breath is greatly enhanced. At the same time, the material of the rattan art can also be coordinated with the white furniture.

Second, the principle of color matching of curtains

1. If you want a stable style as a whole, dark colors can be used on the curtains.

2. If you only want a simple and fresh style, it is recommended to have basic colors on the curtains

3. The overall home decoration is relatively simple. Rich home space

4. Heavy and high-end home furnishing needs to be matched with fabrics with strong mechanism

5. European style needs heavy and dark fabrics. With curtain head, tassels for decoration.

The above is all the knowledge about what color curtains are used for white furniture and the principle of curtain color matching introduced to you today. Everyone has the same requirements for decoration, so there are many kinds of decoration styles . When you choose a product, you must match it well.

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