what color curtains to use for living room curtains

Curtains are a very common decoration. In addition to the role of decoration, they can also play a role in blocking privacy, and they can also have the effect of shading and sound insulation. According to the needs of specific occasions Choose the right style and type of curtains. So what color to use for the curtains, what is the hanging method of the curtains in the living room, these contents are very important common sense content, you need to have a certain understanding of these little common sense, there is a good reference for the purchase and use of curtains.

What color to use for the curtains

It is generally recommended to use bright colors, the living room is more Floor-to-ceiling fabric curtains are suitable for large living rooms, with gauze curtains, and curtains can be added in style. Be as atmospheric as possible. Make a taste and reflect the personality of the owner. Smaller living rooms can use light-transmitting roller blinds, cloth blinds, and day and night curtains.

How to hang living room curtains

1. Straight hanging method

In the living room curtain decoration hanging method, the straight hanging method is very simple, and it is the most common curtain hanging method in modern home living space, such as perforation, collar, tie rope, sling, etc. The form will also reflect the relaxed and free lifestyle of the owner.

2. Decorative curtain head curtain hanging method

In the living room curtain hanging method, compared with other curtain hanging methods, the decorative curtain head curtain hanging method can be regarded as very economical and practical. One is that there is no need for pulleys, and the curtain rod can be directly inserted into the top box and hung on the wall; the other is that it can adopt a half-cut type, which is very suitable for small windows. Different forms such as I-shaped pleats, manual pleats, shirring, and suspenders show the purity and sweetness of the home space.

3. Pleated hanging method

Under normal circumstances, the pleated hanging method is divided into single layer and double layer. Single layer pleated curtains often give people a hazy feeling. The feeling, and the double-layer pleated curtains will effectively reduce the loss of heating and cooling. This kind of curtain hanging method often creates an elegant and atmospheric home space.

4. Roman curtain hanging method

In the decoration of curtains, Roman curtains are very convenient to use. They can be pulled up and down according to the changes of the four seasons. It will be folded in half naturally, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, such as sling type, four-section shirring type, crystal type at the bottom, etc., which will show the lively and lively living space of the home.

What color do you use for the curtains? There are many ways to match the colors of the curtains. The color of the curtains. What is the hanging method of the curtains in the living room? There are many different types of curtains. You can choose the hanging method of the curtain head curtain, which gives people a very high-end feeling. There are also Roman ancient methods, etc., which reflect the lively home life. type.

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