what color curtains to hang in the bedroom

Everyone likes to decorate their bedroom beautifully, because the bedroom is their own private space, so they can do whatever they want according to their favorite style, and all the decorations in the bedroom is also like this. Curtains are one of the most important things. They are more than just an ornament, they are also used to protect personal privacy. Therefore, when choosing bedroom curtains, it is not only for good-looking, but also for privacy, at least from the outside. If you can’t see what’s inside, let’s discuss the two issues of what color curtains to hang in the bedroom and the classification of bedroom curtain materials.

What color curtains to hang in the bedroom

About what color curtains to hang in the bedroom Well, this depends on the overall style of the room, and the color matching of the walls, floors and furnishings also needs to be taken into consideration.

1. Green tulle curtains with black iron curtain rods and red heart-shaped curtain rod heads are believed to be able to win the hearts of those romantic women.

2. Tulle colored curtains, with wooden curtain rods, curtain rings and curtain rod decorations, suitable for owners who love beauty but don’t like publicity.

3. Gray-tone tulle curtains can be matched with black iron curtain rods, and the curtain rod head decorations can choose bamboo weaving, which has a strong three-dimensional effect.

4. There is a layer of white tulle in front of the elegant bamboo curtain. When the wind blows, the tulle flutters gently, which is quite charming.

5. Blue thin cloth curtains, the knots at the junction with the curtain rods bring a flowing aesthetic feeling. With black iron curtain rod.

6. Silver-gray pleated curtains. It will coordinate well with modern style furniture. It can be used to place on the window of the study.

7. Light blue thin cloth roller blinds with thin grids can adjust different lengths and form layers.

8. Many people like to use pure white curtains in summer. The cloth rings at the joints of the curtain rods are not monotonous, and the wooden curtain rods look simple and elegant.

Classification of bedroom curtain materials

There are many kinds of curtain materials, but What kinds of curtain materials can you choose in the bedroom as a personal space? Bedroom curtain materials are classified as follows.

1. Flannel curtains are environmentally friendly and healthy; novel and fashionable, easy to clean. The chemical reaction between the dye and the fiber can penetrate deep into the fiber, soft to the touch, good drape, deep coloring on the reverse side of the fabric, and high color fastness strong.

2. Cotton linen curtains have good moisture absorption and air permeability, and are soft to the touch. As a fabric for curtains, they also have a certain effect of absorbing dust in the air; they lack elasticity and are not crisp, and they are easy to wrinkle after washing .

3. Plastic aluminum louver curtains have good shading effect and strong ventilation, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not as good as that of fabric gauze curtains. Therefore, the shutters are more suitable to be installed in the kitchen of the home, and the oil stains can be washed off with water.

4. Wood woven curtains Wood woven curtains can create a feeling of returning to nature, which can be divided into wood weaving, bamboo weaving, reed weaving and rattan weaving. The wooden woven curtain can show the style and taste in the home. It is basically opaque but has good air permeability. It is suitable for the pure natural style of the home.

How to decorate the bedroom and what kind of curtains to hang are all up to you. You can choose according to your own preferences or according to your own decoration style. It is about what color curtains to hang in the bedroom and the classification of bedroom curtain materials. The editor has introduced all the content here, and I hope it can help you.

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