What color curtains look good in the living room? Precautions for installing curtains in the living room?

Nowadays, curtains are always associated with decoration, and they have become an indispensable part of decoration. However, there are many types in the market, which makes people confused when choosing Choose a suitable and practical one. Today, the editor will analyze with you what color curtains look good in the living room? Precautions for installing curtains in the living room?

What color curtains look good in the living room?

 1. White curtains give people a refreshing feeling, appearing generous, graceful and elegant. White is originally a color synthesized in nature, and it contains the synthesis of colors. The white curtains can let the sunlight pass through very well, giving people a hazy feeling. The disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty, but white curtains are indeed one of the more popular curtains. No matter whether the walls of the living room are white or wallpapers of various colors, they can be matched with a good decorative effect.

 2. Gray curtains are very suitable for living rooms with a small area. If you are a person who likes simplicity and low-key, you can also choose gray curtains, which can make you more low-key.

 3. The coffee color should be dark purple with a little black. Its sunlight filtering effect is good, strong sunlight can pass through it, and only mild sunlight can be left, which makes the whole room shine wonderfully, and the effect of coffee-colored curtain wallpaper will be better.

 4. Purple itself has a romantic, noble and elegant temperament, as well as mystery. Purple curtains used in the living room will enhance the temperament of the living room, looking romantic and elegant. If the interior decoration effect is old, it is not suitable to use purple curtains. Purple curtains require very good materials and look smooth, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced.

 Precautions for installing curtains in the living room?

 1. Do not install useless accessories. What curtains are made of flower vines, lace, Adding lead wires, pendants, etc., these are wasteful , but it sells for 3 yuan per meter, and each side will be used, but in fact the lead wire is not necessary)

 2. The curtain accessories should be confirmed clearly with the boss when purchasing, good Can make a contract stating the model and corresponding price of curtain rods, hooks, etc.; For the Ming model, they will take a very poor pole and hook when they come to install it, saying that this is what you ordered. If you have no choice, you must temporarily change the accessories you want to use. At this time, the price will be raised by “tricks”; and the more important point is that the prices of these accessories are really huge profits (take hooks as an example, if you don’t know, just go to , the merchants directly charge a price of about 10 yuan per meter. Calculated based on the general 3-meter window, two layers of curtain cloth must use at least 10 meters of cloth, and the hook alone will cost hundreds of yuan. They are all purchased in boxes, and the unit price of the hooks is only more than 10 cents. If 20 hooks are required for a 3-meter window, the overall cost is only one or two yuan, and this alone can make a hundredfold profit.)

3. If it doesn’t work, you should find a way to find the accessories supplier directly. There are accessories and personnel who can help install the curtains; because most of the curtain shops just find these suppliers for accessories and installation, it’s up to you

 Okay, what color curtains look good in the living room today? The analysis of the precautions for installing curtains in the living room, I will analyze it here, I hope it can help you, so that you can choose more quickly

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