What color curtains go with white furniture? White furniture color matching skills?

Many people in modern society like white elements in home decoration, because they like the simple and clean effect very much. So many people like to buy white furniture. What color curtains go with white furniture is a difficult problem in decoration. Proper matching will have a good effect. Let’s follow the editor to understand the color matching skills of white furniture.

What color curtains go with white furniture?

1. The luster of the satin ribbon is combined with the delicacy of the transparent beads, which highlights the different colors on the inner curtain so that it is more unique

2. It adopts a sweet fold style Lace, combined with golden beads, is simple yet gorgeous. Tranquility and elegance highlight the purity of white furniture.

3. The dark silk fringes are embellished on the inner curtain in the form of parallel lines, outlining the splicing area of different fabrics, echoing the lace under the outer curtain, changing the square impression of the curtain , Soft and beautiful.

4. Harmonious collocation of lace and drawstring: the shape and material of this kind of lace are very common.

5. The glass bead lace used on the outer curtain has a strong femininity and is suitable for bedroom curtains.

White furniture color matching skills?

1. In home decoration, different colors will have different vision or feelings to people. For example, blue and green can make people feel quiet, while orange can increase people’s appetite. And white usually makes the space appear larger, which is suitable for small spaces such as small apartments. The bright full-length mirror and the bright metal lines on the wardrobe door together constitute the important decoration of the wardrobe, and the color changes of white on the top and blue on the bottom also add a lot of color to the wardrobe. On the white panel, the pattern of light blue branches and vines echoes the blue panel below, making the appearance of the whole wardrobe look simple and varied, beautiful.

2. Whether it is a small-sized living room or a large-sized bedroom, a sofa bed is a good choice. It can be used to save space, it is both a sofa and a bed; it can also be used to invite relatives and friends to stay overnight at home. The design of this sofa is inclined to the modern European minimalist style, with white fabric and metal sofa legs. The square geometric shape looks fashionable.

We know that the living room is mainly white, and the living room can be full of vitality through the decoration of local colors and bright furniture. Therefore, people who choose white living room as the main decoration must know what color curtains go with white furniture. I hope that the content related to the color matching skills of white furniture will be helpful to everyone

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