What color curtains go with mahogany furniture? Matching skills of mahogany furniture?

Curtains are an indispensable product in our home decoration, and the production design of curtains has undergone great changes from material to style design, and curtains must also be matched with other home products Okay, then, what we are going to talk about next is what color curtains go with mahogany furniture and the matching skills of mahogany furniture. Friends who want to know, let’s find out together.

1. What color curtains go with mahogany furniture

The furniture is mahogany, This shows at least two problems: one is that the style of home decoration is Chinese style, and the other is that the color of the furniture is darker and cooler. Generally speaking, the curtains are made of mahogany, which is the embellishment of the furniture, so its color should not be too fancy, otherwise it may cause clutter, or even take away the host’s host’s effect. The mahogany furniture gives people a very simple feeling, and it looks harmonious and charming when matched with darker retro curtains. Because mahogany furniture itself has sufficient charm, it can be a little ‘low-key’ when matching curtain fabrics. Generally speaking, the fabric colors of curtains are mainly two traditional Chinese colors, bright yellow and dark red, and it is forbidden to mix and match multiple colors.

Second, the matching skills of mahogany furniture

1. Connect the indoor and outdoor spaces through mahogany furniture

If the house type is relatively Large, in some public spaces near the windows, one or two pieces of mahogany furniture can be placed, such as a low bed, or a large four-year-old official hat chair. Looking out of the window here, there is a dialogue between indoors and outdoors. Proper selection of furniture can create the effect of “looking outside the window is the scenery, looking inside the window is the artistic conception”.

2. Chinese and Western mix, Qing-style mahogany furniture

To match mahogany furniture with European-style mansions, Qing-style mahogany furniture with exquisite carvings and brilliance will be more suitable. One is that Qing-style mahogany furniture is darker in color and easy to match with gold and silver, while European-style mansions often like to use gold leaf and silver leaf for decoration; It looks grand and luxurious.

3. The ancient and modern are mixed, Ming-style furniture is the protagonist

Modern-style decoration can be matched with Ming-style mahogany furniture. Ming-style furniture is simple in shape, graceful in shape, and ethereal in temperament, which can bring a literati atmosphere to the home without making the home look too cumbersome. Coffee table, armchair, flower table, and case table are all partners of modern style home furnishing.

4. Mix simple and complex, focus on furniture

It is especially easy to see in some European homes. They usually do not do ceilings, and there are no complicated Decoration is just to display these furniture through the collocation of height, distance and size.

The above is all the knowledge about what color curtains go with mahogany furniture and the matching skills of mahogany furniture. What color curtains go with mahogany furniture mainly depends on the decoration style of the home Choose the right curtains.

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