What color curtains go with gray walls? How to match the color of curtains in the living room?

In modern society, everyone pays more and more attention to decoration, because everyone wants to decorate their home beautifully after spending money, and the living room is a very important area. Inseparable from the curtains. What color curtains go with gray walls is a question in the minds of many homeowners, so it is also necessary for us to learn how to match the color of curtains in the living room

< strong>What color curtains go with gray walls?

1. The matching of Chinese style sofas is actually very limited. It is better to choose a Chinese-style coffee table.

2. The dark gray sofa belongs to the modern style, and the suede material makes this sofa quite modern. Therefore, in terms of the style of the coffee table, we should choose the same or similar coffee table. In addition, dark gray can be matched with white and black, but like the dark gray sofa in the picture, it matches well with a black tea table, because black can not only reflect the noble texture of the sofa itself, but also its sense of the times very strong.

3. Light gray is very close to white, so the color of the coffee table configured for it must also be white, it can be silver white or silver gray, as shown in the picture, the configuration for this gray sofa is A gray glass coffee table, the glass material is first of all modern in style, which matches well with this sofa, and secondly, the coffee table of the same color and different shades is also well integrated with this sofa, achieving a visually unified effect.

How to match the color of the curtains in the living room?

1. Red and yellow are both bright colors. Can these two colors be the main colors in the living room decoration? In fact, there is no problem at all. Bright colors represent enthusiasm, so they are also very suitable for use in living room decoration. How should red and yellow be used? Generally speaking, curtains, furniture and furniture accessories use these two colors. Sofa covers use red and yellow products. Choose red for furniture, but goose yellow for curtains, etc.

2. The combination of black and white does not mean that only these two colors are used in the living room. In fact, there are some colors that can be added, but black and white are the main ones. color. These two colors are mainly reflected in walls, floors, and furniture. The walls and floors are white, and the furniture can be black or white. However, if only these two colors are used indoors, it may cause a strong sense of impact. To solve this problem, the solution is to add gray as a transition. Such as adding gray carpet, gray curtains and so on.

Through the above introduction, consumers should already know what color curtains go with gray walls. We know that the beauty of a home decoration has a lot to do with the matching. Everyone should know the method of matching the color of the living room curtains. Faced with so many curtain colors, everyone must have an understanding. Hope the above can help you.

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