What color curtains go with a gray sofa? What color sofa looks good?

Before living in a new house, you must buy furniture to decorate the room, and the sofa is one of the main ones. At the same time, curtains must also be used. The effect of curtains is relatively large, but When people decorate, they must pay attention to the overall effect, what color curtains go with a gray sofa, and they must know the color of the sofa, so what color sofa looks good.

What color curtains go with a gray sofa?

1. White

White curtains are a kind of curtains that we usually use more often, so what color curtains are better with gray sofas, the first thing we think of is white Curtains, white curtains are warm, comfortable, and soft. Like the gray sofa in our picture with white curtains, the first thing to pay attention to is the material of the curtains. Now there are more curtain materials, and this gray sofa is matched with soft yarn Weaving curtains reveals an aesthetic feeling in the haze, and is the matching form of modern and fashionable home life.

2. Light blue

What color curtains can be matched with a gray sofa to reflect the warm and sunny feeling? Of course, it is light blue curtains. Light blue curtains are divided into many styles. If our gray sofa belongs to the pure modern style or simple style, then it is suitable to use bright and pure Mediterranean style light blue curtains. However, because, in the daily home life outside, modern furniture products reflect a feeling of combining fashion and nature, and Mediterranean style products are one of the style types that can reflect this atmosphere.

3. Goose yellow

Grey sofas appear frequently in daily life outside. It is neither too bright like a white sofa nor as heavy as a dark sofa. Therefore, we choose the gray sofa as the most suitable choice, so what color curtains are better for our gray sofa? First of all, the color of the curtains should not be too deep, choose a color that fits nature, and goose yellow is also a good choice, the color of goose yellow curtains is slightly lighter, so that it can reflect a soft and delicate home atmosphere.

What color sofa looks good?

1. Light and exquisite color. Center color is yellow, orange. The carpet is orange, the curtains and bedspreads are yellow and white calico, the sofa and ceiling are gray, and some green plants are added to create a unique atmosphere.

2. Soft and romantic tone. The center color is soft pink. Carpets, lampshades, and curtains are in red and white tones, the furniture is white, and the room is partially decorated with light blue, creating a warm atmosphere.

3. Elegant and beautiful colors. The center color is pink. The sofa and lampshade are pink, the curtains and cushions are pink calico, the floor is light brown, and the walls are creamy white. This color tone is suitable for young women and girls.

The above is to introduce to you what color curtains go with the gray sofa. This kind of matching is good or bad, which has a great effect on the whole family. Only the overall effect matching can have better aesthetics! The color of the sofa looks good, mainly depends on the overall decoration style you choose, as well as the decoration of the floor and walls, so that the overall mutual echo can have a better effect.

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