What are the types of curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

Curtains play a very important role in every home life. The shading effect of curtains is particularly good, and it has a certain decorative effect on the layout space. It feels like a beautiful scene. But many people don’t know the type of fabric when buying curtains. Next, the editor will introduce to you what are the types of curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains?

What are the types of curtains?

1. Printed cloth: it is usually dyed with white cloth. This was very popular in the Tang Dynasty. It reached its peak in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and was deeply loved by people. Often used in wedding clothing or dowry. Print colors and patterns on the plain gray cloth by transfer or garden screen. Features: Bright colors, with hand-painted printing and dyeing effects, revealing natural texture.

2. Dyeing cloth: through professional dyeing equipment: singeing, desizing, bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing, pre-shrinking and other processes, the finished cloth is dyed cloth. Features: elegant, natural, crisp, in line with fashion trends.

3. Yarn-dyed fabric: fabric woven with dyed yarn. Yarn dyeing is generally divided into two ways: yarn-dyed yarn and yarn-dyed yarn. Usually yarn-dyed fabric refers to shuttle loom Woven cloth, but the knitting machine can also make fine knitted fabrics. According to the pattern requirements, the yarns are first classified and dyed, and then interlaced to form a color pattern. Features: strong color fastness, clear yarn-dyed texture, strong three-dimensional effect .

4. Embroidered cloth: Embroidered cloth is a kind of ordinary cloth that is embroidered or machined to embroider many beautiful flower and plant patterns. The flower shape has a strong three-dimensional effect, a unique style, and is elegant!

What are the tips for choosing curtains?

One: the color of the curtains, it is best to choose bright colors for the curtains in the living room and study room. Work and study; in the bedroom, it is best to choose warm-toned curtains. This color is easy to create a warm atmosphere, which is conducive to people’s rest and sleep.

Two: the size of the curtains, the size of the curtains is not simply as long as they can cover the windows, if the length of the curtains is smaller than the width, there will be no good decorative effect, generally speaking If the length of the curtain is larger than the width, it looks better. If the window area is large, the owner can hang a few slender curtains on the large window, which will look better than one big and wide curtain.

Three: The material of the curtains. Generally speaking, the living room, bedroom and study room can choose curtains of the same material. , the inner layer is made of light and thin material curtains, such as nylon silk, sheer gauze and mesh cloth, and the outer layer is made of heavy material curtains, such as corduroy, woolen wool and gold velvet, etc., so that it can be easily changed according to seasons and weather changes curtain.

Four: The quality of the curtains. After selecting the material and color of the curtains, what the owners need to do is to check the quality of the curtains. This requires the owners to check the characteristics of various fabrics before purchasing. When purchasing, check whether the curtain fabric you choose matches the characteristics of the fabric you have seen before, and if it does, you can pay for it.

Through the introduction of the above article, what do you know about the types of curtains? What are the tips for choosing curtains? It should be understood. If you want to make your home life more beautiful, you must pay more attention to the choice of curtains. There are still many things to pay attention to when choosing curtains. Only by choosing the right curtains can the home life become more beautiful.

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