What are the types of curtain fabrics? How to choose curtain fabrics?

Using the new type of curtain cloth can keep the dust free all the time, avoiding the trouble of frequent washing of the curtain, and can also enhance the heat insulation function of the cloth, so it is favored by many home improvement consumers . But do you know what kinds of curtain fabrics are there? How to choose curtain fabrics? The following editor will give you a related introduction.

What are the types of curtain cloth

1, calico

Printing colors and patterns on the plain gray cloth by means of transfer or garden screen is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: bright colors, rich and delicate patterns.

2. Dyed cloth

Dyeing a single color on the white gray cloth is called dyed cloth. Its characteristics: elegant and natural.

3. Yarn-dyed fabric

According to the needs of the pattern, the gauze is first classified and dyed, and then interlaced to form a color pattern, which is called yarn-dyed fabric. Its characteristics: strong color fastness, bright yarn-dyed texture, strong three-dimensional effect.

4. Jacquard printed cloth

The combination of jacquard and printing is called jacquard colored cloth.

How to choose curtain cloth

1. Match with furniture style

Furniture with different styles and materials should be equipped with different textures (raw materials) or varieties of curtains. Classical solid wood furniture should be matched with jacquard fabrics and yarn-dyed fabrics, and patterns of plants, flowers, and fish and insects are its constant themes. The two are accompanied by light and heavy, combining hardness and softness, calm and concise without losing elegance. It is more suitable for panel furniture to use printed cloth with light texture and bright color, which can fully mobilize the visual experience of lines, color blocks and geometric figures, and paint vivid, romantic, concise and lively modern life scenes. And modern furniture has a wider range of choices, and fabric curtains with silk and metallic luster are naturally the first choice.

2. Matching with room functions

When choosing the texture of curtains, you should first consider the function of the room, such as bathrooms and kitchens, you should choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash , the fabric must withstand the pollution of steam and oil, and the style is simple and smooth. You can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics for the living room and dining room. The curtains in the bedroom are required to be thick, warm and safe. Study room curtains require good light transmission performance, bright, and elegant colors.

In addition, the choice of fabric also depends on the demand for light in the room. If the light is sufficient, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric; if the room is too bright, you should choose thicker wool Curtains are made of blended or brocade fabrics to resist strong light; the light requirements of the room are not very strict, so plain printed cotton or linen fabrics are generally suitable.

3. Match with the season

Choose the color and material of curtains according to the different characteristics of the season. In summer, use thin, transparent and soft yarn or silk, preferably in light color. In winter, it is advisable to use thick and fine flannelette with warm and heavy colors to highlight the thickness and warmth. In spring and autumn, thick ice silk, floral cloth, imitation silk, etc. are mainly used, and the color is preferably medium. And calico curtains are lively and lively, suitable for all seasons.

The above are the answers to the two questions about what are the types of curtain fabrics and how to choose curtain fabrics. I hope it can be helpful for everyone to choose and buy curtain fabrics. In addition, the price span of various curtain fabrics is relatively large, and the difference between domestic materials and imported materials may be dozens of times. Consumers should choose according to the actual situation.

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