What are the smart curtain solutions? Advantages of smart curtain system?

Now is the Internet age, and many decoration designs are equipped with intelligent systems. For example, the home intelligent system is a relatively high-tech design. For example, the curtains can be automatically lifted and opened, and can also be closed. Let’s find out what are the smart curtain solutions and what are the advantages of the smart curtain system. Although people are improving the quality of home life, smart systems are slowly entering our lives. Let’s take a look at these introductions about smart curtains.

What are the smart curtain solutions?

The current smart curtains are designed to be automated, similar to the scene mode, to achieve automatic adjustment in different situations. According to different functions, the smart curtains that can be developed include:

1. Electric remote control slide: remote control, mobile phone remote control, lightly pulling the curtain to automatically close, etc.

Roller curtain type: It can meet the effect of using a projector at night.

2. Manual roll-up curtain type: also called spring-type curtain, no power supply is required, it can be manually pulled down to hover, and then pulled down to automatically retract. This type is suitable for windows such as bathrooms and kitchens.

3. Light transmittance: According to different light, you need adjustable light transmittance to adapt to indoor environment under different weather.

4. Sound insulation and heat insulation: In the hot summer or the noisy noise outside the window, it will always interrupt your meditation or afternoon rest, and cannot give you a comfortable environment. Smart curtains can scientifically improve the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation, help you solve problems, and ensure your quality of life at home.

5. Ultraviolet rays: Health is everyone’s concern, but slight health threats are easily overlooked. Too much ultraviolet radiation will cause physical discomfort. Smart curtains take all these into consideration in the design Initially, it can scientifically block the damage of ultraviolet rays to you, so that you and your children can be exposed to the sun for a long time without any scruples.

6. Thermal insulation and environmental protection: In the current fashion of environmental protection, protecting the environment is the responsibility of each of us.

What are the advantages of smart curtain system?

1. There are many operation modes and high user experience

In winter, the warmth of the quilt makes it hard to extricate yourself. Should you get up to draw the curtains? This is a dilemma. The intelligent curtain system has a variety of control methods, such as electric, remote, remote control and so on. The user can control the opening or closing of the curtain with just one touch, and it can also stop halfway to meet the different needs of users. The intelligent curtain system adopts electronic travel positioning and non-collision shutdown technology, which can not only guarantee the use of users, but also prolong the service life of the equipment and save system maintenance costs.

2. Increase the sense of technology in the living environment

The track of the intelligent curtain system is made of high-strength materials, which has a strong load-bearing capacity and can also achieve silent start. Reduce indoor noise and create a comfortable living environment for users. At the same time, the intelligent curtain system also retains the manual control function, so that even if there is an unexpected power failure at home, the closing of the curtains can be controlled manually.

3. Matching with the intelligent control system,

The intelligent curtain system can be used in conjunction with a variety of intelligent devices to form a complete intelligent home system, and can also use the intelligent home control system Programming function, set different working modes, such as reception mode, party mode, etc., so that users can control the operation of multiple devices with only one button.

Development of smart curtain solutions

What are the smart curtain solutions? For example, it is automatic and can be controlled by remote control. Consumers’ demand for light. What are the advantages of the intelligent curtain system? It has many advantages. It has a strong sense of technology and many operation modes. At the same time, it can also be intelligently controlled and matched, which is more and more popular among people.

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