What are the precautions for custom-made blackout curtains? What are the characteristics of blackout curtains?

The role of curtains in life is not only to protect privacy, but also to have many other functions. Many public places still have high requirements for light, such as movie theaters and Internet cafes. At this time, we need to customize blackout curtains to help. However, it is also learned when choosing blackout curtains. Let’s take a look at what are the precautions for custom-made blackout curtains? What are the characteristics of blackout curtains?

Customized blackout curtainsWhat are the attentions matter?

1. The so-called blackout curtains are mainly used for shading, and can also play a certain role in adjusting indoor light, so when customizing, don’t choose colors that are too rich or too fancy. Generally, the colors of curtains are relatively shallow. , so it looks much warmer, it will have a more upscale feeling, and it is easier to match the home style.

2. Blackout curtains only use simple accessories, which look comfortable and versatile. There are many accessories for curtains nowadays, such as drapes, cloth bags, lace, etc., but try to use them sparingly. Too many accessories will make the curtain style not obvious, and will It looks cumbersome, and people will feel uncomfortable when they look at it. The accessories of blackout curtains should not be too complicated. If there are more accessories, it will not increase the value of the curtains, and it will also increase the cost of the curtains.

3. To customize blackout curtains, one must grasp the size well. How big the curtains need is to measure the size of the window. Determine the size of the curtains according to the actual window size. Then look at the patterns you need and make the patterns you need. Whether it is suitable and whether the accessories are just right, all these issues must be clear.

4. Another point is that it is not easy to return or exchange ordered products, so the same is true for customized curtains. Those who need customized curtains can choose the appropriate manufacturer according to actual needs. What I’m looking at is common production techniques. Curtains made with poor techniques will not be very satisfactory. And the quality of service cannot be ignored.

What are the characteristics of blackout curtains?

1. Blackout curtains mean to replace light-proof or thickened fabrics on the traditional basis, so as to control the light and achieve the shading effect. At present, the application range of blackout curtains is relatively wide, whether it is a home or an office, Internet cafes and the like will be in need. However, most places have low requirements for blackout curtains. In addition to the full shading effect, they also require simplicity and cleanliness, energy saving and beauty, convenience and practicality, and wind and shock resistance.

2. No matter what kind of curtains, there is a shading effect, but the effect is different, but the current shading curtains do not have a 100% refractive index, and the current shading curtains can eliminate 80% of radiation, and at the same time have the advantages of light and ventilation, some transparent Although the high-quality blackout curtains have good shading performance, they can still see the outdoor scenery clearly and have good heat insulation performance.

3. At present, blackout curtains on the market are mainly divided into physical blackout and chemical blackout. As the name suggests, physical shading is to add shading fabric to the original curtains, and the green color is harmless. Chemical shading, adding a coating to the outside of the curtains, although the effect is obvious, but the curtains have a pungent smell, which cannot be guaranteed to be safe and non-toxic, especially the low-quality shading curtains with excessive toluene, which makes people feel uncomfortable. This must be paid attention to.

Let’s learn about the precautions for custom-made blackout curtains and the characteristics of blackout curtains here. Blackout curtains generally have special purposes, and the specifications of the windows are also different, so basically they all need to be customized, but we must grasp the relevant precautions when customizing, so that we can be foolproof.

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