What are the matching skills of curtains and wallpaper? How to maintain the curtains?

Friends who are decorating their new home must hope that their new home will be beautifully decorated. And decoration is inseparable from color. Appropriate use of color will make our decoration even better. But color matching is a skill and a science, and the color matching of curtains is particularly important. But there are still many people who don’t know how to match it. Let’s take a look at the matching skills of curtains and wallpapers, as well as the maintenance methods of curtains.

What are the matching skills of curtains and wallpaper?

The matching of curtains and wallpaper mainly pays attention to two aspects of color and shape

1. Color part:

1. First of all, the colors of curtains and wallpaper must complement each other. If the wallpaper is plain, then the curtains can be a little fancy, for example: you can choose hollow or three-dimensional embroidery styles, which will mobilize the flexibility of the whole room.

2. Secondly, curtains and wallpaper should match the overall home environment, which has become the default rule for choosing curtains and wallpaper (wall covering). For example, brown wallpaper, brown velvet curtains, together with the floor, tables and chairs of the same color system, typical western classical decoration style, can make the whole room full of noble and elegant atmosphere.

Second, the shape part:

1. The style of the curtains should generally match the style of the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is American country style, the curtains cannot choose a Chinese style. If the wallpaper chooses a style with small patterns (such as pastoral style, European court style), then when choosing curtains, it is not recommended to choose gauze curtains and cloth curtains with small floral patterns.

2. Otherwise, it will appear that the room is not generous and steady. Choose curtains that are plain or slightly vertically striped. The perfect match of wallpaper and curtains should be considered from the two aspects of color and style. Only by taking both into consideration can we add color, romance and taste to our home life.

3. Tips for matching curtains and wallpapers

1. The combination of bright yellow wallpaper and white curtains can ease the sharpness of bright yellow and inadvertently outline a warm and romantic The light blue wallpaper is matched with the fluffy white curtains, and every moment faintly reveals the life sentiment of “petty bourgeoisie”.

2. Brown curtains can be matched with blue wallpaper, and with a white sofa, the whole Mediterranean-style home can be seen; blue striped wallpaper can be matched with beige Curtains, the elegant and clean breeze blows.

3. The light red wallpaper can be matched with dark red curtains, so that the whole room will be more three-dimensional, and it will inadvertently make the room more layered. Dark red wallpaper can also be matched with dark coffee-colored curtains, the noble and atmospheric features are undoubtedly revealed!

How do we maintain the curtains?

We do it every day Use curtains, but curtains are actually a gathering place for dust and must be cleaned frequently. The following is an introduction to the maintenance methods of different materials.

1. Fabric curtain

Before we wash the curtain, we should first deal with it according to the style of the curtain. Generally, curtains are divided into hook type and punch type according to the hanging method. The hook-type curtain made of material can be cleaned in the washing machine as long as the curtain hook is taken out of the cloth belt.

For perforated curtains, remove the rings. The rings are opposite to each other. Just break them apart from the middle, and then close them after washing and drying. up. Ms. Li in our community damaged the curtain fabric when washing the curtains in the machine because she didn’t remove the loops.

Because the ring is a hard material, it is easy to damage the curtain fabric and curtain fabric belt during high-speed operation during machine washing. So everyone should pay attention when washing perforated curtains.

Do not dehydrate and dry the washed curtains, and do not expose them to the sun, but should be air-dried naturally. Avoid damaging the texture and color of the curtains.

2. Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains have strong vacuuming power. After replacement, you should shake the curtains with your hands to let the dust attached to the curtains fall off naturally before placing them Soak in water containing detergent for about 15 minutes. Don’t use the washing machine to wash the flannelette curtains, you can filter the water with light pressure by hand. Do not twist hard after washing, just let the water drip dry and evaporate automatically.

3. Cotton and linen curtains

Cotton and linen curtains are easier to clean and can be washed directly in the washing machine. In addition to using washing powder, adding a little fabric softener can make the cotton linen curtains more supple after washing.

4. Lace curtains

Curtains decorated with lace are not suitable for vigorous cleaning. Before cleaning, you can use a soft brush to gently sweep the dust on the surface, and then clean it gently.

5. Blinds

The blinds can be cleaned directly. Spray an appropriate amount of water on the curtain and dry it with a rag. If the drawstrings of the blinds are dirty, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth dampened with detergent.

6. Roller blinds

Roller blinds are generally difficult to disassemble, and can be cleaned directly on the roller blinds with detergent. When cleaning, you should pay attention to the position around the roller blind that is easier to absorb dust. If the dust is heavy, you can use a soft brush to remove the dust, and then wipe it with clean water.

7. Washing of pure cotton curtains

Pure cotton cloth has strong alkali resistance and can be washed with various soaps and detergents. The water temperature should be controlled below 35°C. You can soak the curtains in warm water for 1-2 hours, but it is not advisable to soak them in detergent for a long time to prevent fading, and then rinse them with clean water. Remember not to use too much force when scrubbing, so as not to fluff the surface. When ironing, the temperature is below 120°C, and a white cloth is placed on it to prevent it from fading and affecting the appearance. When drying, if there are mildew spots on the curtains, soak them in a dilution of 20 grams of ammonia water to 1 liter of water, and then rinse them off.

We will stop here about the matching method of curtains and wallpapers and the maintenance skills of curtains. Curtains are a decoration that every family needs, and its color matching also affects the overall decoration effect. So be careful when choosing the color of the curtains. But no matter how good the curtains are, they must be cleaned frequently to avoid dust on the curtains that can decorate the space instinctively.

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