What are the fabrics for the gauze curtains in the balcony living room?

Curtains are an essential part of the decoration of the living room and balcony. When purchasing curtains, you need to choose the type of curtains according to the overall decoration design plan. You can choose full shading or semi shading, you can also choose window screens and so on. So which one to install gauze curtains in the balcony and living room depends on individual needs. What are the fabrics for curtains? There are many different fabrics to choose from. Let’s take a look at these different materials.

Which gauze curtain should be installed in the balcony living room

It is recommended to choose roller blinds. The height of the balcony curtains should be at the same level as the windows, and it is not necessary to drag the floor too long to affect the integrity. The window screen has strong light transmission, the effect is clear, and the overall feeling will be softer. The disadvantage is that the privacy is poor, especially after the lights are turned on at night. But if the floor is high or the distance between buildings is wide, it is not easy to see from the outside. The shading effect of the shading cloth is the strongest, but it is relatively poor in aesthetics and the style is relatively simple. The advantage is that it can completely block the light and protect privacy after being pulled up.

What are the curtain fabrics?

1. Curtain cloth chemical fiber


This kind of chemical fiber curtain is also particularly economical and affordable. The pure spinning made of chemical fiber processing has a particularly good drape. Blended or interwoven fabric, this kind of fabric is relatively smooth, not easy to shrink, easy to manage, durable, and bright in color. The price of this kind of curtain will be cheaper, but from the product point of view, the colors are rich and full, and it is not dazzling at all. This kind of color matching, on the contrary, makes people have a colorful beauty.

2. Pure cotton curtain cloth

This kind of pure cotton curtain feels very comfortable and very beautiful. It is also environmentally friendly and healthy. Hanging it at home is good for health. It has the characteristics of affinity, moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, and hygiene, but it is easy to shrink and has poor drape. The pure cotton fabric feels very comfortable and is more suitable for people who pursue casualness.

3. Silk curtain cloth

Silk curtains are relatively high-grade, soft to the touch, rich in color, suitable for luxurious decoration styles, and are very popular among people. The home space is very easy to match, of course, the price of the curtains should be within your budget, because the curtains of this kind of fabric will be more expensive.

The question of which gauze curtain to install in the balcony and living room can be determined according to your own needs and the specific conditions of the house decoration. Generally, there are more gauze curtains for balconies, and it does not affect the sunlight in the living room. These related contents can be used when decorating. What are the fabrics for curtains? There are many fabrics for curtains, such as pure cotton fabrics and silk fabrics. You can pay more attention to these different types when purchasing curtains.

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