What are the elements of purchasing summer curtains? Introduction to the selection of summer curtain materials

Summer is hot, how to choose curtains during decoration? In the hot summer, choose a pleasing curtain, which can make your life “cool” while dressing up the room. Curtains play an important role in soft decoration and are indispensable home accessories in home life. Summer curtains What are the elements of purchase? Introduction to summer curtain material selection skills.

Summer curtain selection elements:

1. Color

Different color bands It gives people different psychological feelings. It is believed that many people are pursuing to create a little bit of coolness for the home in the scorching summer. It is suggested that cool colors should be used in the color of curtains in summer to bring a cool feeling, such as blue-green and blue, which make people feel clean and cool, can make people feel fresh and natural, and highlight the cool atmosphere.

2. Material

It is difficult for many consumers to choose which material is correct when purchasing. Cotton gives people the impression of strong affinity, linen gives people a more comfortable feeling, and silk gives people a higher quality. In summer, consumers should choose light and thin materials when buying fabrics, such as linen or silk, which will make people feel comfortable; light-colored velvet fabrics will also make people feel comfortable.

3. Style

In summer, small patterns should be used more. Its quiet and lively features can bring the visual effect of expanding the space and reduce the restless mood in summer. If the flower shape of the curtain is simple, it will give people a crisp and neat feeling; if the flower shape is complicated, even if the background color is clean, it will not have a refreshing feeling.

4. Price

Technology is the main factor that determines the price of a curtain. The editor found that the same style of curtains, the pattern drawn on it and the style of the curtain itself determine its uneven price. In addition, the origin is different, and the price is also different.

? Summer curtain material selection:

1. Linen curtain

The curtain made of linen is light and elegant, giving people a natural and elegant visual enjoyment. Hang it on the window and let it hang down slowly along the window edge, giving people a natural and pure feeling in a naturalistic style home.

2. Polyester curtains

Polyester curtains have good drapability, which makes the curtains look light and soft, and is more coordinated with the atmosphere of the room, adding a pure and natural feeling to the room. And the curtains feel soft and comfortable, adding to the delicate warmth of the home.

3. Pure cotton curtains

Pure cotton fabrics have strong air permeability, so pure cotton curtains can often make people feel light and cool in summer. And it can be easily matched with various color elements in the room.

4. Silk curtains

Silk fabric, soft and comfortable, light and breathable, delicate and elegant printing, highlighting the aesthetic effect. The silk curtains are elegant and elegant, and have a good light transmission effect, which can make the room look bright and light.

5. Hollow blended curtains

Cotton and polyester blended curtains are hollowed out, which not only looks light and transparent, but also makes the curtains show beautiful patterns. And the beautiful shape can play a very good decorative effect, making the space more artistic.


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