What are the curtain designs? The material of the curtains?

Some people have very high requirements for curtains when they buy them, not only to make them look good, but also to care about their design. I don’t know much about things, so there is no way to see how it is designed. Then, before that, we can learn about the curtain design. In addition to knowing this, we must also know what the material of the curtain is.

What are the curtain designs?

1. Starry sky curtains to enjoy the beauty of the night. It’s completely different! Especially during the daytime, when the curtains are closed, a little bit of sunlight can be revealed from the hole, and the starry sky at night can be enjoyed during the daytime, which can not only block light, but also not affect the indoor sight!

2. Light blue and light yellow pastoral freshness The combination of blue and yellow is the most warm and fresh color, but just the combination of colors still cannot achieve the fresh and warm effect. In the design details of the curtains, some folds can be added, the ribbons of the curtains are decorated with love hearts on a blue background and white dotted with white lace, the curtains can be matched with bows of the same pattern, and so on. Moreover, when the curtains are bundled, the bottom edge does not need to be too regular, and the irregular texture can also bring a casual and relaxed effect!

3. The idyllic style brought by flowers and plants. White curtains like this are very suitable for summer use, but if they are bare white curtains, they are not only a bit monotonous, but also somewhat see-through. Flowers and plants, dyed with some patterns on the edge of the curtain, the overall look is different, with a hint of summer refreshing pastoral style in the elegance, frivolous and not monotonous!

4. The veil + pleated curtain can not only be installed in front of the window, but also can be used as interior decoration. As shown in the picture, the simple white veil with loose and random folds completely surrounds the sofa area, as if forming a space of its own, and the sofa area is like a fairyland. Do you feel like lying on the sofa and not coming out of such a sofa leisure area?

5. Lace lace + sweet princess style Who said that little princesses can only use pink, like this light blue bedside curtain, as long as the upper and lower ends are overlapped and decorated with white lace, a heavy white The lace is sweet and three-dimensional, just like the cream lace on the edge of the cake, giving people a sweet feeling for no reason!

What is the material of the curtain?

1. Wooden curtains The so-called wooden curtains can be divided into several types according to different materials, such as wood, bamboo, reed, rattan and so on. Decorating this kind of curtains indoors has a good decorative effect, can show the high-grade interior, and has good ventilation function. But if this kind of curtain is used for a little longer, it will become moldy and wormy, and the price is very expensive.

2. Polyester curtains This kind of curtains are decorated on the windows. It is not a problem to be exposed to the sun for a long time in time. But in wet weather, the effect will be slightly worse, and the air permeability is relatively poor, and it is easy to fade after a long time.

3. Screen curtains and screen windows are relatively common in most families. Not only is the indoor effect beautiful, but it also brings a refreshing feeling and has a good moisture absorption effect. However, it cannot block the light from entering. After cleaning, it is easy to fade and the aesthetics will be greatly reduced.

4. The flannelette curtain is made of flannelette, which feels unusual to the touch, very soft, and hangs on the window with a very strong drape. During production, the dye is chemically reacted with the fiber, so that it is not easy to fade. But there is a downside, that is, it is easy to absorb dirt and it is very difficult to clean.

5. Cotton linen curtains Curtains made of cotton linen can effectively absorb indoor moisture and keep the air clean, and the surface gloss is very soft, giving people a simple and natural feeling. However, the curtains of this material are relatively poor in elasticity. After cleaning, not only will there be wrinkles, but also they will lose their shape and even fade.

6. Plastic-aluminum venetian blinds This kind of curtain is suitable for installation in the kitchen to block the sunlight. After all, the electrical appliances in the kitchen are prone to problems after long-term sunlight. And the curtains are very easy to clean. But there are also shortcomings. It cannot stop the invasion of mosquitoes in summer, and the aesthetics it brings are not as good as other curtains.

The above article tells you about the design of curtains. It is based on many different designs and designs different styles, so each style is different. Understand its design After the method, we can make a good choice, and let me tell you about the materials of the curtains. Each material has its different uses. You can choose the one you like to buy.

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