What are the characteristics of European curtains? European-style curtains selection skills

What are the characteristics of European curtains? What are the tips for purchasing European-style curtains? The appearance of European-style curtains is more distinctive, usually processed by hand and various metal objects. The exquisite European-style curtains complement the European-style living room effect, but it is not necessary to pay attention to the choice of European-style curtains in daily matching. If you want to match it at will, let’s learn about the characteristics and related skills of European-style curtains together.

Features of European-style curtains

1. European-style curtains have unique craftsmanship , the top of the curtain is made of light metal or plastic, and the corresponding paint decoration is more fresh and natural. In terms of its internal design, its structure is usually specially modified, so that the curtain has a folded and floating form, thus bringing A subtle three-dimensional feeling.  

2. The style characteristics of European curtains have a variety of European styles, including country fields, sweet European styles, and modern European styles. The realization of the specific style depends on the pattern and color of the curtains. Use line weave patterns and light-colored patterns to create a country-style style.  

3. The light transmission characteristics of European-style curtains. In foreign countries, Westerners like polarized places, so the curtains are of course designed to highlight the beauty of indoor furniture under the sun, and also It can make the curtains gradually glow under the light.

4. European-style curtains have many advantages in appearance, materials and matching. From the design point of view, European-style curtains are designed with brackets, which are made of high-quality metal and exquisitely handcrafted, which can form a beautiful match with the interior. Applying nice paint on its exterior will also make it look even more beautiful.  

5. The material characteristics of European-style curtains. In the selection of curtain materials, the generally selected materials are fabrics whose lines are not easy to drop and fluff. Whether it is the pattern of nature or the classical abstract romantic art, it makes it highly decorative. Splendid hanging ornaments will be added on the edge of the curtains, which looks more noble.

European curtain selection skills

1. Slide rail: There are two kinds of ordinary and flexible. The amount of track is generally the window plus the window cover plus a length of about 10 cm. If there are gauze curtains and cloth curtains, you need to buy two layers of slide rails.

2. Lead wire: a thread threaded by a small lead segment with a central diameter of 0.5 cm. Its dosage is generally equal to the total meter of the cloth and the lower edge of the yarn purchased. Of course, for fabrics with better drape, it can also be used.

3. Cloth bag: A layer of material added to the top of the gauze and cloth curtains, together with the hooks to fix the curtains. The length used for the cloth bag is generally equal to the total number of meters of the upper edge of the purchased cloth and yarn.

4. Straps: You can buy ready-made decorative tassels.

5. Lace: The amount of lace is generally equivalent to the length of the curtain head and the vertical edge, and it only needs to be calculated according to the length of the curtain fabric.

What are the characteristics of European curtains? The selection skills of European-style curtains are introduced here. European-style curtains have many unique features. In order to cater to the style of the room, everyone needs to pay attention to the choice of details.

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