What are curtain rods and curtain boxes? How to install curtain rods and curtain boxes

In the home decoration of modern society, when choosing custom-made curtain boxes and curtain rods, many consumers do not know how to choose. In fact, which of these two products is better depends entirely on the environment used and the decoration effect. The following editor will introduce to you what is a curtain rod and a curtain box? The comparison and comparison of the installation methods of the curtain rod and the curtain box, so that you can make a better choice, let’s take a look.

 What are curtain rods and curtain boxes?

 A lot People have a lot of questions about curtain rods and curtain boxes and don’t know which one is better.

 1. What is a curtain box?

 The curtain box is a kind of curtain hanging method. Improve the decorative effect. According to different processing methods, there are two types of curtain boxes: if the room has a suspended ceiling, the installation of the curtains is hidden in the ceiling and completed at the same time as the ceiling; if the room does not have a suspended ceiling, the curtain box and window frame are designed to be A whole, fixed on the wall above the window.

 2. What is a curtain rod?

 The curtain rod is another form of connecting the curtain and the wall. The material of the window railing is metal or wood. , The texture of the shaft and head is coordinated with the curtain style, which can show different beauty. Curtain rods are divided into bright rods and dark rods. After installation, you can see the color of the rod body and the decorative head. The other is to combine the curtain rod with the curtain box, and hide the curtain rod in the curtain box without showing The curtain rod itself.

 Compare the installation methods of curtain rods and curtain boxes?

 After choosing the materials, everyone is not very familiar with their installation methods Familiar, will feel very strange.

 1. Curtain box

 The custom-made curtain box specification is about 100mm in height, and the width depends on the number of curtain rods used. The width of a single rod is 120mm, and the width of a double rod The length is more than 150mm, and the length is according to the design requirements. The shorter one exceeds the width of the window glass by 300mm, each side of the window exceeds 150mm, and the length can be as long as the wall. Make large core boards for curtain boxes, butt them with dovetail plum glue. If the decorative surface is painted with clear oil, it should be pasted with a decorative panel of the same material as the window frame. The pasting surface is the outer side and bottom surface of the curtain box.

 2. Curtain rod

  Check the compatibility of the Roman rod and its support, decorative head, and hanging ring, and measure the length of the Roman rod and the width of the window. Use the installed support as a standard marking line to draw the support positioning line and hole position line. With 3 supports, the middle support is located on the window or wall, and the two ends are equidistant. The depth of the hole is 4-4.5cm. When punching, do not run away or skew. Note: keep away from wires and water pipes.

 The above is the detailed introduction of Xiaobian to what curtain rod and curtain box? How to compare the installation methods of curtain rod and curtain box. I hope that you can refer to the small editor to choose the materials that suit you during the decoration process.

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