What are curtain accessories? How to choose curtains?

When many people choose curtains, they only look at the price of the curtains, and generally ignore the price of the accessories of the curtains, and many people do not know what the accessories of the curtains are, so It will be more troublesome when you choose. Then, let’s introduce to you what curtain accessories include and how to choose curtains. Let’s take a look.

1. What are the curtain accessories?

1. Lead line: just like It’s like an elastic band, but the center is a small lead segment with a diameter of 0.5 cm, which is threaded with a thread, and the outside is wrapped with a rope edge thread. Generally, a line is sewn along the lower edge of the gauze curtain and the cloth curtain to increase the drape and make the curtain not easy to be blown up by the wind.

2. Lead pendant: A lead weight as big as a piece of rubber is generally added to the lower corner of the curtain to increase the sense of drape and prevent the curtain from warping.

3. Cloth bag: There are two kinds of domestic curtains and imported curtains.

4. Slide rails: There are ordinary and flexible ones. The flexible ones are the ones that can be bent and changed at will.

5. Curtain rod: metal and wood, choose according to personal style, the length is the same as the slide rail, but two decorative heads should be considered. Those with sheer curtains also use double rods. Bandages: generally made of scraps of curtain fabric.

Second, how to choose curtains

1. Pay attention to the functionality of curtains

The curtains distributed in different spaces, their function Also vary. The curtains in the hall are highly decorative, and you should choose curtains that can reflect the elegant and generous style. The curtains in the bedroom are mainly practical and should be shaded to ensure the privacy of the room. The curtains in the bathroom and kitchen should pay attention to the waterproof, oil-proof and easy-to-clean materials.

2. Use different materials to decorate your new home

If your living room style belongs to traditional decoration, it is more suitable to match the curtains with thick and large flower patterns; if you pursue modern style, it is recommended to consume It is better to choose light and elegant cotton and linen fabrics. Curtains made of PVC have good waterproof effect and are suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

3. The color of the curtains is cleverly matched

The color of the curtains should match the direction of the room. If the windows are facing east, southeast, or southwest, and there is plenty of sunlight, you can hang neutral and cooler colors such as green and yellow; if the windows are facing north or northeast, try warmer colors, such as beige and milk yellow. At the same time, the color matching of curtains and interior walls is also worthy of consumers’ attention. For example, if the inner wall is light green, you can choose orange or green curtains to create a quiet and peaceful atmosphere; if the inner wall is white or light ivory, you can consider orange red or sky blue curtains to create an elegant and noble reverie.

The above is all the knowledge about what curtain accessories include and how to choose curtains. Through this article, everyone should know what the curtain accessories are, so everyone is choosing curtains Time, we must understand, so it is better to choose.

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