What are bay window curtains? How to install bay window curtains?

Nowadays, many families will install a bay window at home. It is a comfortable thing to lie on the bay window and read a book. Of course, to create a good atmosphere, you need a suitable bay window curtain . Common bay windows are generally divided into inner bay windows and outer bay windows. Usually, outer bay windows can also be used to shelve items. Do you know what a bay window is? How should the bay window curtains be installed? The following editor will give you a brief introduction.

  1. What is a bay window?

The bay window is in progress When designing, the use function of the bay window must first be determined, and the style and shape must be unified with the entire space.

 Inner bay windows are generally concave to the interior. The popular bay windows can generally be divided into two forms, one is with steps, and the other is floor-to-ceiling. As for bay windows with steps, as long as the height does not exceed 2.2 meters, they are not included in the sales area.

 The cottage with a bay window can visually extend the interior space, reflecting warmth and tranquility. Not only can you enjoy sufficient indoor light, but you can also enjoy the beautiful outdoor landscape. And women are more fond of bay windows. Women are naturally romantic, and it is the dream of many women to have a bay window to watch the sunset and the starry sky at night. And with dreamy and delicate curtains, it can add infinite charm to the bay window.

2. Installation of bay window curtains

  Install rails along the windows to protect the marble or artificial stone or wooden floors on the bay windows, The space appears large and spacious. Second, rails can be installed along the inner side of the bay window to make the apartment look square and easy to match. The third is to install curtain rods on the wall, which looks generous and simple.

 Choose curtains according to the window type. Large windows should use curtains composed of several individual curtains. Each curtain can be tied separately, and continuous soft curtain tracks are used to connect the curtains into a group. Hang a curtain on the lighting glass, and add a curtain between the bay window and the interior. The windows are small, it is better to choose Roman blinds or lifting blinds. Because the vertical curtains will block part of the light when they are closed, and the closed curtains may not be very neat, which will affect the overall appearance. The side of the Roman blind will be better, even if it is folded, it will be relatively neat layer by layer.

With the widespread use of bay window design, some developers set the guardrail outside the bay window, which is relatively reasonable. Some bay window guardrails are set on the inner side. Many residents feel that the guardrails on the window sills are unsightly and knock off the guardrails during decoration. In fact, this behavior may leave hidden dangers for the safe use of bay windows. The family should not lose the safety of living for the sake of beauty.

    The above is the installation of bay windows and bay window curtains introduced by the editor. It can be seen that the installation of bay window curtains is also very simple, but it must pay attention. Hope the above is helpful to you.

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