What about curtain lace? Curtain matching skills?

Curtains are something that we have to hang in every household. We will use them when we sleep at night. Generally, we will use them every day, so everyone buys them more Pay attention to quality, but some people also pay more attention to appearance, and will choose a good appearance to buy, but they don’t know how beautiful the curtain lace is, and similarly, they don’t know how to match the curtain.

How about curtain lace?

1. Water curtain. When pulled up, it forms a water wave shape, like a large curtain rising vertically in a theater, with a classical and romantic atmosphere. Generally, lighter and thinner fabrics should be used, and the effect is ideal.

2. Pull and fold the curtain. Use a four-pronged iron wire to hang and sew on the edge of the back seal of the curtain to form a 2-4 fold form. It can be single or double, and it is a common style in the living room.

3. The buckle type is also called the Ming type guide rail curtain. The curtain head circle is pulled on the curtain rod, and the curtain body is similar to the pull-down curtain, but the decorative effect of the curtain rod, curtain head and curtain rod circle is better. Suitable for decorative space.

4. Roman blinds. It is simple and natural to pull up section by section in the horizontal direction, and has excellent concealment and visual effects.

5. Roller shutter. The curtain body is straight, and the curtain is retracted by a rotatable curtain rod.

How to match curtains?

1. Choose the pattern of the curtains. If you have placed a lot of paintings, hanging ornaments, carpets, colored pillows, etc. in your home, it is recommended that you choose solid-color curtains. Of course, if you really like patterns, buy curtains with colorful borders. There are also striped curtains that pursue color contrast effects are also a good choice. When choosing a curtain pattern, you must pay attention to it. The curtain pattern should not be too trivial, and it is not suitable to choose a slope.

2. Choose the color of the curtains, which should be close to the color of the wall. If you like neutral-colored curtains but are undecided, it is recommended to choose gray curtains, which are more stain-resistant than white, brighter than brown, and more upscale than beige. The color of the curtains should also consider different rooms and seasons.

3. The color and style of the curtains should match the sofa. In terms of color, light colors are used, such as beige, beige, light gray and so on.

4. Use different curtains for different home styles. For example: the modern minimalist style is mainly based on simplicity and simplicity, so the curtains only use bright pure white, sky blue, grass green or simple and creative geometric fabrics.

5. Choose fabrics with good texture and feel. Also consider the function of the room: such as bathrooms and kitchens, it is necessary to choose fabrics that are more practical and easy to wash. The season should also be considered: use soft yarn or silk for summer curtains. The curtain fabric should not be too smooth and shiny. For example, do you like the refreshing feel of cotton and linen, or the suede texture of velvet, or the smooth touch of rayon? You can choose according to your preference.

According to the above article, we are already familiar with the beauty of curtain lace, and I will mainly tell you what the characteristics of all lace are, which one is versatile, if you don’t have the energy to match it You can choose all-match lace to buy, and the above article also tells you how to match curtains. You can use this method to make a match.

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