wake up! It is not that simple to buy curtains, the accessories are twice as expensive as the curtains, I can’t help but cry

Usually when you buy curtains for the first time, you only need to ask: How much is this cloth? The price of a piece of cloth is very cheap, only 2000, so you immediately decide to buy it. But when the final settlement was 5,000, it was far beyond the budget, which caused us to be frightened. The price of accessories and spare parts was calculated to be more expensive than cloth. There is no industry standard in this industry, so there is no standard answer. Therefore, we need to be very familiar with the calculation method of curtain price.

1. Curtain Fabric

Curtains are commonly made of cotton, linen and velvet , chenille, polyester, silk, and yarn quality, each of which has a different price. For example, some relatively cheap fabrics cost about 30 yuan per meter, and expensive fabrics cost hundreds of dollars per meter. It depends on the individual. of choice.

1, cotton and linen curtains

Nowadays, many people choose cotton and linen curtains at home, and the price is relatively moderate. Strong shading and good breathability. The disadvantage of cotton and linen is that it is easy to wrinkle and shrink after washing. After washing several times, the curtain will become shorter, and the drapability is not good enough.

2, chenille curtains

Chenille curtains have a thick texture, thick and thin on the surface, making the curtains flowery Concave-convex shape, strong three-dimensional effect. The disadvantage of chenille curtains is lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after washing, poor color fastness, and easy to fade.

3, Polyester curtains

Polyester curtains have a strong sense of verticality, and they still look like they were when hung up after washing, so they are not easy to lift Wrinkle does not shrink. The disadvantage of polyester curtains is that they are not as soft as cotton and linen.

4, silk curtains

silk High-quality curtains look glossy, more elegant, good drapability, soft and delicate to the touch. The disadvantage of silk curtains is that they are more expensive, and it is troublesome to clean, so dry cleaning is required.

5, velvet curtains

The velvet curtains feel softer to the touch and have a strong drape. The disadvantage of flannelette curtains is that they are prone to static electricity, and thus have strong dust absorption. They need to be cleaned frequently, but they are not easy to clean because the fabric is thick and heavy.

6, gauze curtain

The gauze curtain has a good texture and strong air permeability, which is very suitable for creating The disadvantage of sheer curtains is that they have weak shading properties and are more easily damaged.

Second, curtain accessories

1< strong>, window screen

Strictly speaking, yarn should not be regarded as an auxiliary material, but it is really dispensable. Many girls may say that this is just a need, because it looks good, this is indeed the last word.

But have you ever thought that curtain yarn is an extra cost, and the price is similar to or even more expensive than cloth. Moreover, the gauze is usually white or light-colored, and it is hung on the part closest to the window, so it is easy to get dirty. In some families, after the gauze is hung, it is tied to the curtain cloth all the year round, and it has never been put down at all.

2, cloth belt and cloth ring

The cloth belt and cloth ring are essential accessories, there is no cloth belt for curtain hanging It doesn’t look good when you stand up, and you can’t hang Roman poles without cloth loops. They are both beautiful and practical, but often overlooked by consumers.

Both the cloth belt and the cloth circle need to add extra money. Some merchants will count the money for the cloth circle after counting the money for the cloth belt.

3, tassels

Looking at the tassels tied in the curtain shop, don’t you think they are particularly beautiful? Then after you add money to buy it home, firstly, it may not match the furniture, and secondly, it may be missing after several listings. There is no need to spend such a waste of money. It is much more practical to sew a tie on the curtain, and you don’t have to worry about it disappearing.

4, lead pendant

The price of lead pendant is actually very cheap, but it is also the most useless. The reason why the merchant recommends you to add lead pendants is nothing more than to increase the drape of the curtains. But aren’t the current curtain cloths all very heavy? If you choose light curtains because you like the feeling of lightness, what’s the use of lead pendants? This accessory is not worth mentioning.

5, curtain head

of the curtain The curtain head also costs extra money, but whether the curtain needs a curtain head depends on the decoration style. For example, European-style, American-style and pastoral small and fresh curtains are more suitable for adding curtains, while for modern decoration, it is simple and elegant to wear directly with Roman poles. No matter what style of curtains, the curtain head is the icing on the cake, but it is not necessary.

6, Lace

Usually we may see a curtain because of its lace or border, but this It happens to be the part that requires extra money.

Third, Precautions for buying curtains

1. The size of the curtain is generally twice the width of the window sill. A little money, 1.5 times is actually enough.

2. When choosing fabrics, pay attention to the shading properties of the curtains. Do not choose curtains that are too light in color, as they are not resistant to dirt and have poor shading properties.

3. Ask if the curtains will be cleaned once after they are finished.

4. Ask whether there is an additional charge for curtain installation, and if there is an additional charge, how much will it cost.

5. If you want to buy curtains online, it is recommended to ask the merchant to send you a small sample first, feel the texture of the fabric, and see the color of the fabric before placing an order, so as to avoid the problem of color difference in the picture.

The above are the unspoken rules of the curtain industry introduced by the editor. All in all, accessories such as curtain accessories are items that cannot be ignored Content, so when you buy curtains, you must pay attention to the total price of the curtains, not just the price of the fabric, otherwise you will be cheated. I hope the content mentioned in the article can help you.

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