Types of kitchen window curtains? Precautions for choosing kitchen window curtains?

Curtains in modern society play a role in beautifying home decoration to a certain extent. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, the fabric curtains installed in the bedroom are not suitable for the kitchen. What kind of curtains are good for kitchen windows? I believe everyone wants to know this question. The following editor will introduce the types of kitchen window curtains? Precautions for choosing kitchen window curtains?

  Types of kitchen window curtains?

 There are many types of kitchen window curtains, and the selection mainly depends on personal preference.

 1. Venetian blinds

 The venetian blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy and wood and bamboo baking paint. Discoloration, sunshade, heat insulation, breathable fire prevention and other characteristics, suitable for high-end office buildings, living rooms, villas, kitchens and bathrooms and other places.

 2. Roller curtain

 It is named after the rolling tube to drive the entire curtain to roll up and down. The fabric is generally made of polyester polyester fabric or glass fiber fabric, with Good ductility and high temperature resistance, oil resistance and other characteristics.

 3. Lace curtain decoration hanging

 Explanation: This kind of kitchen curtain decoration method is not only practical but also has a very good decorative effect. It always gives people a hazy beauty, fixed with a green ribbon, not only easy to install, but also very easy to remove and wash, beautiful and practical.

 4. Half-waist decoration hanging

 Instructions: Divide the kitchen curtain decoration into three equal parts, the upper and lower sides are transparent, and a small horizontal curtain will be hung in the middle , In this way, it not only ensures that the kitchen space has sufficient light, but also blocks the sight of the outside world.

 5. Decorative hanging with straps

 It is a relatively common way in the home space at present, but there are not many applications in the kitchen. In the room, this kind of curtain is installed in the kitchen, and a part of the light-transmitting gap is left on the upper part.

 6. European-style curtain decoration hanging

 The curtains can be opened and closed by hanging down. , and has good shading properties, and the operation is also very simple.

 Precautions for choosing kitchen window curtains?

  pick. Take into account the circumstances of the environment.

 1 Kitchen curtains should be chosen to be practical and able to withstand steam and oil stains.

 2 To block the light, use Venetian blinds to make the light rise and fall. For window types less than 1.5 meters wide. But the venetian blinds, do you use them? I think the oil stains are not easy to take care of. There is also a roller blind, which can be removed for washing.

 3 Now many people suggest installing frosted glass or pasting decals on the glass to cover the light. The Chinese kitchen usage rate is too high. It is a hassle to clean.

 The above is the editor’s detailed introduction to the types of kitchen window curtains? You can choose the curtains that you are satisfied with.

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