Traditional curtains are outdated, and such curtains are popular in 18 years, beautiful and practical

I believe that many families are very serious about choosing curtains when decorating their houses. When purchasing curtains, you can choose the appropriate fabric and style of curtains according to the interior decoration style. The curtains that were popular in 2018 are actually like this. When decorating a house, you can buy them according to your needs. They are not only good-looking, but also very practical.

1. What kind of curtains are popular in 2018?

Comfortable and breathable Cotton and linen fabrics, with unique embroidery techniques, pursue natural health and environmental protection, and at the same time block the glare of the sun. This pastoral-colored fresh curtain seems simple, but it gives the home an idyllic atmosphere.

In fact, curtains occupy a large position in the makeup collocation, and a large area of fabric color can even change the style and tone of the room , choosing a suitable curtain can better improve the taste of home furnishing, broaden people’s mood, and enable us to enjoy the beauty of home life to the fullest!

The refreshing and elegant shape and the light color matching make this Curtains have a light artistic style, have an inherent classical temperament, and are very soft and comfortable to the touch, making the home full of vitality.

Practitioners of the concept of simple life, when the breeze blows, pieces of window screens are like dancing butterflies, as if you are in the middle of nature, using materials and colors that are very comfortable in nature to create fashionable and healthy for you home life.

Second, how to clean the curtains?

1. Velvet curtains: Velvet curtains Generally, they are relatively thick and have strong vacuuming power. After the curtains are removed, you can shake them first to shake off the dust on the curtains, and then soak them in water containing detergent for about 15 minutes. In order to prevent the flannel curtains from deforming, try to use hand washing to help keep the curtains in shape. After washing, gently wring out the curtains to let the water drip dry and evaporate automatically.

2. Cotton linen curtains: Cotton linen curtains are generally lighter and thinner, and are easier to clean. They can be washed directly in the washing machine with detergent. Of course, adding some fabric softener will help make the cotton and linen curtains more supple after washing, and better maintain the beauty of the curtains.

3. Lace curtains: Curtains with lace generally have complicated styles and are not suitable for hard cleaning. In order to maintain the shape of the curtains well, you can use a soft brush to gently sweep the dust on the surface before cleaning, and then gently wash by hand.

4. Blinds: Blinds can be cleaned directly because their construction materials are somewhat different from ordinary curtains. Spray an appropriate amount of water on the curtain and dry it with a rag. If the drawstrings of the blinds are dirty, they can be cleaned with a damp cloth dampened with detergent.

5. Roller blinds: Roller blinds are generally difficult to disassemble. In order to avoid the trouble of disassembly and assembly, you can directly dip the roller blinds in detergent for cleaning. When cleaning, pay special attention to the places around the roller blind that are more likely to absorb dust. If there is too much dust, you can use a soft brush to remove the dust, and then wipe it with clean water.

6. Window screen: The window screen is generally light and thin. In order to avoid deformation and shrinkage after cleaning, it is recommended to use normal temperature water and neutral detergent directly It is not suitable for high-speed stirring and dehydration with a washing machine.

When buying curtains, we need to choose the right material. We should pay attention to choosing the right product according to the material and fabric of the curtain, and pay attention to the effect after installation. Everyone should pay attention to the cleaning of the curtains, pay attention to regular cleaning, and choose according to the material of the curtains to make the interior look more beautiful.

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