The process and skills of choosing soft curtains? What are the styles of soft curtains?

The top priority of decoration in modern society, everyone wants to spend money to make the home decoration warm and loving, so everyone pays attention to the selection of every detail, and there are also home furnishing curtains For higher requirements, we have to consider the size and shape of the living room, the owner’s preferences and economic aspects. Today, the editor will introduce the process and skills of purchasing soft-furnished curtains? What are the types of soft-furnished curtains?

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The process and skills of choosing soft curtains?

1. The color should match the interior wall , the ground and the color of the furnishings match.

2. Color matching should take into account the purpose and season of the room. The living room should choose dark colors, which are solemn and generous, and you can also choose transparent fabrics, depending on the decoration style.

3. The fabric texture should also take into account the functionality. The bathroom and kitchen should choose practical and easy-to-wash fabrics; the living room and dining room can choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics, and the bedroom curtains should be thick and warm.

4. The choice of thickness can be based on the surrounding environment. If the room is located in a high-rise and outdoor space, you can choose a thin, gorgeous, elegant, soft and elegant one; Floor, it is recommended to choose thick curtains.

5. The pattern of curtains should not be trivial, and the effect after pleating should be considered. It is not advisable to choose slopes, otherwise it will make people feel inclined; horizontal patterns should be selected for tall rooms, and the color and pattern of curtains in the living room should be moderate. The pattern in the room is better to use cute graphics such as animals, which has a childlike look. The curtains in the room of young people are mainly bold and open, while the curtains of the elderly are mainly quiet and elegant.

6. The length of the curtain should be slightly longer than that of the window sill to avoid opening the curtain due to strong wind. The width should be coordinated with the size of the wall. For narrower windows, narrower curtains should be selected to block the excess walls on both sides. Pleated or double-layered curtains are good choices.

7. The curtain fabric is better not to be too smooth and shiny, because such fabric is easy to reflect light, irritate the eyes, and give people a cold feeling.

Types of soft curtain styles?

1. European style: You can choose more classic European patterns for the pattern, highlighting the gorgeous atmosphere. Mostly embroidery. The three-dimensional effect of the cloth surface is enhanced, and the fabric is suitable for brocade and satin texture and glossy fabrics, and the color is biased toward the gorgeous and atmospheric colors of furniture. Such as gold, brown, dark red and so on.

2. Chinese style: calm and introverted, rich in the charm of traditional Chinese culture, bamboo curtains or fabric curtains can be used.

3. Modern minimalist style: It is recommended to use curtains with simple and elegant geometric patterns, and choose black, white and gray colors that are coordinated with the decoration to highlight calmness and sophistication. Materials with a metallic texture can also be used. For the pattern of curtains, you can choose simple and fresh modern abstract patterns based on flowers and plants; the fabric is suitable for printed cloth or burnt-out cloth.

The above is the editor’s detailed introduction to the selection process and skills of soft-furnished curtains? The style of soft-furnished curtains? We must pay attention to details, and we must not ignore them. For example, quality is the key. I hope that the above small writing can be of some help to everyone.

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